Luzes hidropônicas de LED para cultivo

High Energy Efficiency: These overall hydroponic LED grow lights output is up to 2.7µmol/J and 1728µmol/s. This high efficiency of electricity to light not only saves your bill but increases your yield at the same time.

More Even Light Distribution: Auxgrow LED grow lighting system FC01E06D is made up of 6 LED bars each of which is 107 watts, it is able to deliver a more even light distribution in a 5ft x 5ft grow tent. The whole dimmable LED grow lights are foldable and can be easily fixed by universal hanging after opening up.

0-100% Dimmable & Guirlanda de margaridas: With the VD-100 dimming controller, up to 200 light fixtures can be controlled at the same time, as well as to set up the on/off timing, sunrise/sunset transition.

Perfect for Commercial and Home Grower: Hydroponic LED grow lights are perfect for commercial growers using a vertical farming method, as well as home growers growing with grow tents, such as 5ftx5ft, 4ftx4ft.

LED Grow Light Fabricante: All Auxgrow hydroponic LED grow lights are manufactured in our own factory. From raw material selection to production and testing, we focus on every aspect to ensure the products delivered at the best condition and working free from trouble.

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Increase your plant yields and plant health with dimmable LED grow lights! Auxgrow FC01E06D is the perfect grow light for plants using a full spectrum light blend specially designed as a substitute for natural sunlight to promote photosynthesis and plant growth. LED hydroponic LED grow lights offer an energy-efficient and low-heat solution compared to HID or incandescent grow lights.

This LED grow lighting system FC01E06D consumes 640W, is IP65 rated, and has a Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) output of 1728 µmols with an efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J. It is suitable for commercial grow operations or your home growing projects and is great for your indoor plants, succulents, seedlings, herbs, or whatever plant you may be growing. Hydroponic LED grow lights features o-10V dimming capabilities with the option to control up to 20 lights off the same control which allows you to dial in the amount of light needed for your plants at any stage of the grow cycle!

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Hydroponic LED Grow Lights FC01E06D

Power: 640W

PPF: 1728μmol/s

PPE: 2.7μmol/J

Dimension: 1120*1067*70mm

LEDs: SMD3030 LEDs

Full spectrum 3000K+5000K + 660nm

Input Voltage: Standard AC100-277V, 277-480V Optional

Inventronics LED driver

Fator de potência: 0,98

Knob Dimmer& RJ14 Port

Lighting Coverage: 2500mm × 2500mm

Rating: IP65

Lifetime: 54,000hrs

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Samsung LM3030 LEDs

Hydroponic LED grow lights using Samsung LM3030 LEDs, delivers powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to resulting maximum higher yields. Only consumes 640w, running 50% less power and 30% high yields than the HPS or other SMD LEDs lamps.

Excellent Heat Dissipation

No Fans, No Noise. The light case is a whole aluminum radiator. Low energy consumption FC01E06D dimmable LED grow lights with 6 passive-cooled bars, aluminum heat-sink, excellent performance in heat dispersing & lifespan, dropping 50% in electricity bill than HID lights.

Full Spectrum Hydroponic LED Grow Lights

This LED grow lighting system provides 3000K warm light color, 5000K daylight color, and 660nm increasing deep red color, which can make the light more uniform. It truly simulates the sunlight and perfectly meet the entire growth cycle of all plants from seed to harvest.

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Como gerente de marketing digital da AUXGROW, Jayes combina paixão por sistemas hidropônicos e experiência em luzes LED de cultivo. Com experiência prática e profundo conhecimento, Jayes guia você pelo mundo do cultivo sustentável.


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