Can LED Grow Lights Burn Plants?

LED marijuana grow lights


Using LED grow lights is a great way to grow healthy plants indoors. While it is said that cannabis plants grown under optimal LED lighting conditions can produce higher bud production, there is no need to give the plant too much light. That would be counter-productive and it would show signs of discomfort.

That’s what many people worry about: whether such high-performance LED grow lights will burn their plants as if the plants were exposed to high-intensity sunlight.

Relax and take it easy, light and heat are actually two concepts.

Although some cannabis grow lights can emit enough heat toburnthe leaves of plants. But it is the heat of the lamp that burns the plant, not the light fixture itself. As long as the lamp is at the proper distance from the plant, burns are unlikely to occur.

Go ahead and read on to learn more about whether LED plant lights pose a risk of burning plants and how to use them properly, such as how close should led grow lights be to plants.

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Can LED Grow Lights Burn Plants?

LED marijuana grow lights are the most reliable lights. They have a lower heat output compared to traditional plant lights. Needless to say, the low heat is not enough to burn plants or cause a fire on their own.

However, if you use poor-quality plant grow lights and place them near your plants, it could lead to leaf burning and photobleaching. On top of that, your LED grow lights could start a fire due to incorrect wiring, poor-quality lights, fixtures, etc.

You can avoid this by carefully monitoring the plants and the light, and controlling the length of time the plants are lit, as well as making sure you have thecorrect distance-to-wattage ratio.


Signs of Too Much Light on Plants

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that most houseplants are actually very good at communicating with people. They will talk to you about pain and happiness. You will understand if they are being harmed by light, and all you need to do is provide proper lighting for weed plants.

Leaves with brown or black edges or even starting to fall off are actually the plant telling you that you are giving too much and too strong light. If there is not enough light reaching your plant, yellow leaves or wilted leaves are the best proof.

  • Burnt Leaves. When cannabis plants are exposed to too much light, the leaves closest to the light source can become charred or discolored. This can eventually lead to reduced photosynthesis and plant growth.
  • Delayed Development. Too much light stresses plants, leading to stunted growth and reduced yields. This is because it may interfere with the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and water.
  • Heat Stress. High-intensity weed plant lighting also generates a lot of heat, which can lead to heat stress in cannabis plants, causing them to wilt or even die.
  • Withering. Plants exposed to too much light may become dehydrated and wilted.
  • Bleached Leaves. If your plant gets too much direct light, the leaves may be bleached and turn yellow or white in color.
  • Curled Leaves. Curled or twisted leaves may indicate that your plant is trying to escape the stress of too much light.
  • Reduced Flowering. Too much light may disrupt the hormonal balance that triggers flowering, thus reducing the plant’s ability to flower.

If you notice any of these signs in your plants, you may need to adjust the cannabis seedling light intensity and light intensity for flowering. Adjust the distance between the LED grow lights and your plants, then move the plant to a more shaded area or other protective covers.

LED Grow Lights May Burn Plants for A Reason

Instead of worrying about the light for growing weed scorching your plants, just think about what could be causing your cannabis plants to get burned. There are several main causes.

LED Grow Lights Too Close to Plants

Just like sunlight, even LED lights have the potential to burn plants. When you suspect that your grow light for cannabis may be too close to your plants, don’t hesitate to adjust them at this point.

If your plants are hot to the touch or the soil often dries out quickly, your grow lights are too close to your plants.

Placing the lights away from the plant is the most important step to ensure the safety of the plant. If the plant is located against a window that would have received more indirect sunlight, then we need to adjust the position of the plant and the light.

Excessive Intensity

Another reason why plants get burned is that the intensity setting of the plant grow light is too high.

If your traditional grow light does not have an intensity setting, but it is too close to your plants, then move it farther away. Today’s weed leaf lamp is available with randomly adjustable lighting intensity, designed to make it easier for you to enjoy indoor gardening.

It would help if you also considered whether to switch to LED lighting for growing more efficiently growing. LEDs are typically more efficient and emit less heat than fluorescent and HPS grow lights.

Grow lights that run for long periods of time may become hotter. This is why you should not leave your plant lights on 24 hours a day. Plants also need a break from the light and heat to get periods of darkness. Just be sure to comply with cannabis lighting requirements.

Poorly Designed LED Grow Lights

There are hundreds of plant light designs on the market, but we all know that HPS, fluorescent and LEDs are not the same in terms of quality and safety. LED weed grow lights produce very little heat and the risk of fire is negligible.

Check out one of our posts which outlines how to choose a grow light for indoor plants.

Poor-quality plant growth lights are usually equipped with low-quality drivers, chips and heat sinks. Such lights give off more heat and pose a risk of catching fire.

Working with trusted LED grow light manufacturers or horticulture LED lights suppliers is a prerequisite for you to do your growing safely. This way you can be assured of the quality of the components they use in their grow lights.

Overlapping Placement

Intense direct or indirect light is good for some plants, but plants cannot convert all that light into expendable energy. Over time, excess energy can create heat problems. And plants will use their own available water to cool themselves through their own regulation, which can also create a water shortage.

Overlapping lights in small areas often prevent light from penetrating properly. It may suddenly increase the heat in the area. If you have an indoor farming area, avoid putting many cannabis lights in the same room.

Incorrect Electrical Wiring

The most serious risk of indoor growing is incorrect wiring or overloading of electrical circuits. Incorrect installation can result in short circuits and fires, putting your entire grow room at risk of catching fire and eventually burning your plants.

If your LED grow lights flicker or dim, it could be a symptom of faulty wiring. Darkened switches and sockets can also be a sign of faulty wiring.

You can easily avoid it by checking the wiring connections. Call a qualified electrician to check your wiring and get the problem fixed.

Can Plants Come Back from Being Burnt?

I am sorry to tell you that the helplessness of light burn is that there are no methods that can restore your plants to a completely healthy and green state.

If you find that your plants are burned, it is best to cut off the damaged leaves to reduce the burden. Then move your plants to a less bright area, choosing filtered light rather than direct sunlight. Give them a dilute organic liquid fertilizer, but make sure they are well hydrated before feeding.

We can’t undo the damage to the injured area. The only thing to do is to say sorry to your plants and identify potential problems and fix them.

LED Büyütme Işıkları Bitkilere Ne Kadar Yakın Olmalı?

I think you have a deep understanding of the potential risks of plant lights and it’s time to discuss precautions. Do you know how close should LED grow lights be to plants?

Theoretically, growing cannabis with LED should be kept at least 12-18 inches away from plants, and HPS lights should be kept 2-6 feet away from plants. However, the power of each light may vary slightly, and the distance may vary a bit. You will need to adjust the height based on your plants and refer to light instructions.

After installing grow lights, you should also monitor the indoor plants. As the plant grows taller, the light may need to be adjusted. You can always take your time moving it to the best light position.

cannabis lighting requirements

Protect Your Plants from LED Grow Lights

In addition to adjusting the spacing between lights and plants, you can protect plants from burning by regularly watering them, maintaining adequate humidity, not leaving lights on 24/7 and reducing the intensity setting.

The following is a list of warm tips to protect plants from grow lights.

  • Specific lamps and specific analysis, the hanging distance of different lamps and lanterns are different.
  • Choose from reliable LED grow lights, and cannabis lighting companies.
  • Monitor your plants regularly.
  • Adjust your lights as your plants grow taller.
  • Keep your plants well-watered and make sure the humidity level is high enough.
  • Check that your LED lighting for cannabis is wired correctly.
  • Do not run the LED weed lights 24/7.
  • Clean LED plant lights regularly.
  • Invest in smoke alarms and install fire extinguishers.

Communicate with your plants in a timely manner to minimize the likelihood of disrupting your planting schedule. Burns caused by LED grow lights are easy to prevent. However, placing the lights away from plants is a top priority step to ensure plant safety.

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