2022'de Kanada'da en iyi 3 LED ışık markası

In Canada, in the large and small brands of LED grow lights, which LED plant growth lights are more high-quality, and more worth your money to buy, perhaps through this article, you know which LED plant growth lamp brand you should choose, they are actually worthy of your trust, you do not need to struggle, just need to choose a most suitable LED ışık büyür for your plant.

Top 3 led grow light Canada brands

1 Phantom

2 California Lightworks

3 SunBlaster


 led grow light Canada

Phantom has designed and manufactured horticultural lighting for over 40 years. Their lighting solutions offer the latest technology, are energy efficient, and cost-effective, and help growers reach their full production potential. Phantom’s mission is to continue to provide customers with the best lighting products and grow together. Phantom LEDs and Phantom PHOTO BIO LEDs are designed with the latest technology for serious horticultural professionals looking to improve business sustainability by reducing power consumption while improving crop performance and yields.

Main products:

Phantom PHOTO BIO • MX 680W 100-277V S4 Spectrum with LOC

Phantom PHENO 440 LED 100-277V 440W MP spectrum

Phantom PHOTOBIO• TX 680W 100-277V S4

Phantom DE 1000 LP 120-240V Open LP Commercial System

California Lightworks

LED plant growth lamp

Since 2008, California LightWorks has been guided by a vision focused on researching, designing, developing, and manufacturing state-of-the-art commercial LED grow lights and automation equipment for greenhouse and indoor gardening. By applying for the latest advances in efficient, solid-state lighting and control technology, their team is providing new growing lights to growers around the world, offering clear benefits at competitive prices. Everything from LED boards to enclosures, controls, and final assembly is manufactured in-house in their factory. And with a reputation for customer service excellence, they offer an industry-leading warranty for all commercially grown lamps.

Main product:

MegaDrive® Linear 400

MegaDrive® vertical 800

SolarSystem® 1100

SolarXtreme® 1000


For more than two decades, SunBlaster has been at the forefront of indoor cultivation today. They design and manufacture products that are easy to use and perform flawlessly. Both traditional home growers and commercial operators can enjoy the benefits of using SunBlaster lighting products and communication accessories. They are committed to providing growers with the tools they need to grow better, healthier, and more nutritious food, vertical indoor farming Is exploding, and SunBlaster will launch a range of new products designed and packaged to serve these evolving industries.

Main products:


LED & T5HO Strip Light

T5HO Strip Light-powered Gardens

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable company in China to buy LED plant grow lights, I can tell you with certainty that Auxgrow is worthy of your trust.

yardımcı büyüme

LED plant growth lamp

With a strong supply chain system, the lowest raw material prices can be obtained. Guaranteed to offer the best price to all customers around the world without compromising on quality. LED chips from Samsung, OSRAM, and other international top manufacturers. LED drivers come from Mean Well, Inventronic, etc. All LED drivers are UL certified. Always have raw material inventory for a quick response to start production and deliver up to 3,000 pieces in 20 days. Working closely with DHL and large shipping lines, we can provide lower-cost shipping services.

Main product:

Ayarlanabilir Spektrum LED Büyüyen Işık

Ticari LED Büyüme Işıkları

İç Mekan Bitkileri için Tam Spektrumlu Büyütme Işıkları

Asılı Bitki Işık

Topraksız LED Büyüme Işıkları

We provide you with reliable information so that you can find trustworthy led grow light Canada so that you and your plants do not have to worry, and we can also ensure that if you are looking for the best LED grow lights in China, we can definitely give you the best products and services.

AUXGROW'da Dijital Pazarlama Müdürü olan Jayes, hidrofonik sistemlere olan tutkusunu LED bitki yetiştirme lambaları konusundaki uzmanlığıyla birleştiriyor. Jayes, uygulamalı deneyimi ve derin anlayışıyla, sürdürülebilir tarım dünyasında size rehberlik ediyor.

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