T5 ve T8 Büyüme Işıkları Arasındaki Fark Nedir?

difference between t5 and t8 grow lights

As an indoor grower, you may be wondering about the differences between T5 and T8 grow lights. Although they may appear similar to LED grow tube lights, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for your needs.

Both T5 and T8 grow light tubes can serve as primary or supplemental sources of lighting for indoor plants. However, it’s important to understand the differences between the two in order to choose the best option for your garden.

Read on to learn more about the differences between these two options so you can decide on the best LED tube grow lights for your indoor garden.

What is the T?

T5 and T8 are types of LED tube lights for growing plants. TheTstands forsize modeland the number represents the size and specifications, which vary between the two.

T5 light has a diameter of approximately 5/8 inch (0.625 inches) while T8 light has a diameter of approximately 8/8 inch (1 inch).

T5 LED Grow Light

The T5 grow light fixture is part of the newest generation of tube bulbs. Growers can also choose the T5 HO grow light (high output). It helps to further improve its efficiency and brightness.

T8 LED Grow Light

2ft T8 grow lights and T8 grow lights 4ft are common in the LED lighting industry.

LED plant lighting also commonly uses T8 tubes to replace traditional fluorescent lamps. They are better for plants in terms of light range and light intensity.

Are T5 and T8 Bulbs Interchangeable?

It is important to note that T5 and T8 grow lights have different shapes and ways of connecting, which means they cannot be fully substituted for one another.

When selecting a light fixture for your garden, it is necessary to take this into account. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances where they can be partially interchangeable, but it is crucial to consider certain key factors.

LED grow tube lights

1. Whether the orifice and interface are compatible.

To ensure compatibility, it is important to consider the size of the orifice and interface when using T5 and T8 grow lights. These lights have slightly different sizes, which may result in issues if the LED driver or lamp head cannot be adapted to fit their respective orifice sizes.

However, there are some LED plant tubes that utilize standard interfaces, making T5 and T8 tubes interchangeable in those cases.

t5 and t8

2. Whether the heat dissipation effect meets the requirements.

T5 grow lighting is smaller than other options, but it can be challenging to manage heat. If the T8 tube is used interchangeably, its power and heat generation may surpass the T5 lamp’s heat dissipation capacity. This could result in a shorter lifespan for the lamp.

3. Whether the light intensity is appropriate.

When using T5 and T8 grow light tubes, there will be a variance in light intensity. If your plants require specific light conditions, it’s important to any changes in light intensity that may occur when switching between these tube types.

Difference Between T5 and T8 Grow Lights

When it comes to indoor plant lighting, choosing between T5 and T8 can greatly impact both the quality of your plants and your budget. It’s essential to select the right light source for a successful indoor garden.

If you’re unsure about the differences between these two options, continue reading for a comprehensive comparison.

One of the key distinctions between T5 and T8 grow lights is their diameter size.

Although this may seem like a minor difference, it actually has significant impacts on factors such as light and heat performance, as well as the environments in which they can be effectively used.

Process Comparison

Tube Type

The T5 light tube has a diameter of 5/8″, while the T8 light tube has a diameter of 1″. The two different sizes of lamps require different tube shapes and structural designs.

LED Light Source

The two lamp diameters are different, in maintaining the same light efficiency, T5 LED lights need to use a smaller but higher-power LED light source.

Wiring System

T5 and T8 LED grow lights require different numbers and sizes of LED components and wiring inside to form different light effects and light ranges.


T5 and T8 LED components have different numbers and specifications, so they need different power and stability of the drive power supply.

Parameter Comparison


The T5 tube is lighter and smaller, weighing only about half the weight of the T8. As a result, the T5 is ideal for planting in smaller spaces, while the T8 is better suited for larger areas.


The spectrum of T5 is mainly concentrated in the red and blue regions, while T8’s spectrum is more balanced with a moderate full spectrum.If you’re looking for a friendly lighting product for indoor seedlings, theAuxgrow T8 LED Grow Light Tube is a great option as it provides a full spectrum.

Lighting Intensity

T5 has higher light density, up to 1.5-2 times T8 with the same power. T5 grow light is more suitable for high-light plants, while T8 grow light is suitable for low and medium-light plants.

Lighting Angle

T5 LED grow light tube has a more concentrated light, a narrower range of light angles, and a light rate of 80% or more.T8 full spectrum grow lights have a wider range of light, a more even angle distribution, and a light rate between 60-75%.

Heat Dissipation Performance

T5 has higher heat density and is harder to dissipate heat compared to T8 when operating at the same power. As a result, T5 has limited power, life, and stability.

Power Consumption

Under the same conditions, T5 grow lights require approximately 15% more power than T8 grow lights due to their poorer heat dissipation, which necessitates higher input power.

Interface Standards

T5 grow lights use the G5 interface while T8 grow lights use the G13 interface. These interfaces aren’t interchangeable. However, some T5 and T8 grow lights use universal sockets, but not completely universal.

Color Temperature

The common color temperature range of T5 is 6500K to 8000K, and T8 has a broader color temperature range between 2700-8000K.

Sıcak İpuçları

  • If you have limited space for growing and require high levels of light, the T5 option would be ideal.
  • On the other hand, if you have a larger planting area but a restricted budget, the T8 option would be more appropriate.
best LED tube grow lights

Are T5 LED Grow Lights Good for Plants?

When you use the improved T5 LED plant grow lights, you’ll see a noticeable benefit during the plant’s nutritional growth phase. During the flowering stage, the T5 lamp’s maximum lumen capacity can help increase the production of more aromatic and intense flowers.


  • Ideal for energy-saving indoor plant growth
  • Helping you save a lot of money on electricity bills
  • Great for flowering and vegetable stages
  • Offers higher output options
  • Brightest of the T-shaped LED lights with higher lumen capacity


  • T5 LED grow lights generate more heat and are difficult to dissipate, which is not good for rooting, seeding, and cloning.
  • The cost per bulb of a T5 lamp is more expensive
  • Narrow color temperature range
  • The slightly lower average lifespan

Are T8 LED Grow Lights Good for Plants?

If the setup lacks proper ventilation and is prone to overheating, using T8 lamps can be a good solution when growing plants during the hottest months of the year.


  • Less heat generation
  • More user-friendly price
  • More suitable for rooting, cloning, and seeding stages
  • Lower environmental requirements
  • Wide range of color temperatures
  • Longer average life span


  • T8 lamps are less energy efficient, resulting in higher power consumption
  • ow lumen capacity
  • Not suitable for flowering or vegetable period

AUXGROW'a Bugün Ulaşın

By comparing T5 and T8 grow lights, you should have realized that despite belonging to the same product line, they have significant differences in various aspects.

For the late growth and maturity of cannabis, it is recommended to use T8 LED plant lamps. However, for the early stages of growth and flowering, T5 LED plant lamps are more suitable.

Combining T5 and T8 lamps together can achieve twice the growth effect with half the effort.

If you have a small planting, it is suggested to choose T5 lamps, while for large-scale or multi-planting, T8 lamps will be more economical.

For reliable guidance on T5 and T8 grow lights, look no further than Auxgrow.

We are well-equipped to provide dependable recommendations tailored to your specific planting environment, area, and plant species. We can also furnish you with technical specifications, power, price, and other pertinent product details.

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