Hydroponic Herb Garden

Hydroponics Growing System: Our Hydroponic Herb Garden SG08 gets rid of the limitation of soil cultivation and veggies grow in water; Simple management, No mess, No limitation.
Adjustable Height: The height of adjustable lifting vertical lamp frame can reach 26.77 inches, changing the light height to help plants absorb energy from LED lights.
LED גידול אור: 34-Watt LED lights to simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plantsphotosynthesis in any weather.
Removable Water Tank: This hydroponic herb garden comes with 4pcs removable water tanks, each is equipped with 5 planting holes and a visual window.
Timing Setting: Equipped with a timer, the default setting is 16 hours on/8 hours off; Set the lighting time at will, basing on what plants you grow.

מק"ט: SG08

Full control of the growing condition, getting herb & veggies year-round.

Hydroponic herb garden with a built-in grow light, watching your plants growing.

Saves space and water, No mess and pests. In a little space have your own garden farm.

ספקטרום מלא LED גידול אור

The light simulates the power of the sun, making plants grow faster. Red Lighting: increase production; Blue Lighting: prevent overstepping; White Lighting: adjust soft light.

idoo hydroponics

Control Timer

Set lighting timers according to you and your plants in different growth stages. And also have a default time for 16 hours on and 8 hours off.

diy indoor herb garden

Removable Water Tank

This indoor herb garden with grow light comes with 4pcs removable water tanks, each is equipped with 5 planting holes. And you can move plant tank indoors or outdoors at will.

As a Self-Watering Unit

Places soil plant-potted on hydroponic herb garden, filling water into planting chassis. Plants absorb water by themselves enough, no waste.

windowsill herb planter

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height to 26.77in, perfect for tall veggies such as tomato, pepper. Full control of the growing conditions and grow crops year-round.

hydroponic grow box

Visual Window

Each hydroponic herb garden has a visual window for easy understanding of the amount of water and timely replenishment of water and nutrients.

What is hydroponic gardening?

An ingenious way to grow your own food requires zero soil. It’s a way to nurture a huge variety of edible plants (herbs, leafy greens, even some fruits) indoors with indoor herb garden with grow light all year round, regardless of what Mother Nature is doing outside your door. And plants actually grow faster than if you were growing in-ground. In hydroponic gardening, the water does the work of delivering nutrients to the plant roots.

hydroponic tomatoes

כמנהל שיווק דיגיטלי ב-AUXGROW, ג'ייס משלב תשוקה למערכות הידרופוניות ומומחיות באורות LED לגידול. עם ניסיון מעשי והבנה עמוקה, ג'ייס מנחה אותך בעולם של טיפוח בר קיימא.

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