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15-Watt LED Grow Light: We designed this LED light based on the photosynthesis of plants, which is perfect for growing 6 plants at a time. Low Noise Indoor Vegetable Garden System: 2.5L water tank is equipped with a water pump, and the noise generated by the pump is less than 35db. Adjustable Height Up to 16inch: The height of the lampshade in the hydroponic kitchen garden can be adjusted at will to meet the growth needs of plants in different periods. Visual Window: The countertop hydroponic garden has a visual water window, so you can see the amount of water in the water tank at any time. Hydroponic Supplies Wholesale: Auxgrow is a manufacturer specializing in indoor vegetable garden system and supporting customized services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Indoor Hydroponic Garden SG36 is based on the traditional hydroponic system, which adds WIFI function and alarm. Full spectrum LED grow light provide the specific spectrum to meet all growth stages of plants. The LED panel is designed for 16h-on-and-8h-off-cycle. Equipped with a timing circulating water pump in the 7.5L water tank and 15 pods of the hydroponic vegetable garden has enough space to plant your favorite plants. The rod of the countertop hydroponic garden can be adjusted up to 23.6 inches, providing suitable space for your plants. The display on the touch screen control panel is easy to read everything you need to know about the current status.


Hydroponics Growing System: Our Hydroponic Herb Garden SG08 gets rid of the limitation of soil cultivation and veggies grow in water; Simple management, No mess, No limitation. Adjustable Height: The height of adjustable lifting vertical lamp frame can reach 26.77 inches, changing the light height to help plants absorb energy from LED lights. LED Grow Light: 34-Watt LED lights to simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants' photosynthesis in any weather. Removable Water Tank: This hydroponic herb garden comes with 4pcs removable water tanks, each is equipped with 5 planting holes and a visual window. Timing Setting: Equipped with a timer, the default setting is 16 hours on/8 hours off; Set the lighting time at will, basing on what plants you grow.

Home Hydroponic Herb

AUXGROW SG50 is a must-have product for hydroponic grow stores and supermarkets. Imagine your shelves filled with the temptation of homegrown herbs, allowing customers to enjoy the pleasure of growing their own basil, mint, parsley, and thyme at home. You can cultivate up to four different herb plants in the home herb garden at the same time, ensuring a diverse range of flavors to cater to various customer tastes. From the fragrant leaves of basil to the rich aroma of thyme, each herb grown in the kit can take you on a fragrant journey, turning everyday cooking into a delightful experience. The indoor herb garden planter is also a unique and thoughtful gift choice, spreading the joy of growing and the satisfaction of reaping the harvest.

Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable

With intelligent indoor gardening hydroponic systems, you can now grow leafy greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits in your living room, kitchen, even tiny studio apartment. Chinese manufacturer wholesale, Best Price for you. Provide Customization and OEM service. 5-Years Warranty. If you are interested, please contact us by the SEND INQUIRY button below.


Elevate plant cultivation with 16 grow holes per layer and customizable planting levels. Enjoy full-spectrum plant light with three lamps per layer, optimized for growth stages. Mastery of cultivation is at your fingertips with remote precision. Seamlessly adjust light intensity, timing, and water pump with the intuitive remote. Auxgrow SG55 will elevate indoor gardening into an elegant experience with a modern touch. It integrates seamlessly into your home decor, enhancing your living space. Attention Hydroponic Equipment Distributors: Unlock new opportunities for growth by partnering with us. Elevate your offerings with our cutting-edge system that combines innovation, and aesthetic appeal and offers your customers the pinnacle of hydroponic excellence.

Indoor Plant Growing

3 Smart Growth Modes: The indoor plant growing system with 3 different growth modes and a fully interactive touch screen control panel, that will allow you customize different growing setting base on your needs easily. LED Grow Light: This herb garden starter kit is designed with high effective customized spectrum 20W LED lighting system is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growing. Height Adjustable: The lighting part of countertop hydroponic garden can be adjusted in height in order to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. Soil-Free & Eco-Friendly Planting: Indoor plant growing system SG01 is design for soilless planting, comes with eco-friendly tank and planting pods growing plants in water without soil. Grow any Plants All Year Round: The countertop hydroponic garden up to 4 plants can be grown at a time, allow you to grow whatever you want in any season at any place.


水耕循環システム:屋内水耕システムには独立した水ポンプが付属しており、水循環システムを形成します。植物は栄養水の中で土壌よりも早く成長します。 LED 成長照明: 高性能、フルスペクトル 25W フルスペクトル LED 高効率成長照明システムは、光合成を最大限に高めるために植物特有のニーズに合わせて調整されています。 3つの植栽モード:発芽キットには、通常モード、成長モード、楽しむモードの3つの照明モードがあります。 2つのポンプモード:ミニ水耕栽培ガーデンSG10は水循環システムで設計されています。ウォーターポンプは超低騒音で 30 分間自動的に作動し、30 分間停止します。 7つのポッドと12.99インチの成長高さ:照明部分の高さは、さまざまな成長段階の野菜に合わせて調整できます。 7 つのポッドを備えた屋内水耕栽培システムは、一度に最大 7 つの野菜をサポートします。


高効率の育成ライト: 24W LED 育成ライトパネルは、太陽光がなくても植物の成長に合わせて全スペクトルの光を提供します。 3.5L水タンク:この水耕栽培キットには、3.5Lの大型水タンクに静かな循環水ポンプが装備されており、酸素を増やす水循環システムを形成します。高さ調節可能:この水耕栽培キットのロッドは最大15.74インチまで延長でき、お気に入りの野菜、ハーブ、花に適切なスペースを提供して成長を促進します。内蔵水循環システム: 強力で静かなポンプが水を循環させ、栄養素と酸素を分散させます。水耕栽培室内栽培システムのサプライヤー: 水耕栽培キットの製造と設計において 12 年の経験。 Auxgrow は、水耕栽培店の売上拡大を支援します。リーズナブルな価格、MOQ制限なし。


SG16 インテリジェント水耕栽培プランターは、キッチンでさまざまなハーブ、野菜、果物、野菜を栽培するのに最適な製品です。観葉植物の世話には多大な労力がかかります。あなたがしなければならないのは、水と少量の養液を貯水池に時々追加することだけであり、植物は自分自身の世話をします。 LED 育成ライトが内蔵されており、家のどこにいても植物を成長させることができます。ここ数年、インテリジェントな水耕栽培プランターを使用して植物を栽培する人気が大幅に高まっています。これは素晴らしい市場機会です。このインテリジェントなプランター製品にご興味がございましたら、下の「お問い合わせを送信」をクリックしてご連絡ください。


12 Pods Home Hydroponic Garden: You can grow different vegetables at the same time, such as peppers, strawberries, dwarf red cherries, lettuce, spinach, etc. Veg & "Flower & Fruit" Modes: We have designed smart modes with different red and blue spectrum and time for growing vegetables, fruit and flower. Smart LED Grow Lights: High performance 36-watt LED plant light of indoor planting system simulates the sunlight spectrum, promoting the plants photosynthesis in any weather. Quiet Hydroponic Growing System: This home hydroponic garden is designed with a timing circulating water pump. Press the pump to go into a cycle of 30 mins on/30 mins off with pollution-free organic fertilizer super low noise. Visual Water Level Gauge: Using the principle of fishing floats to monitor the water volume in the 3.5L water tank in real time.

Indoor Herb Garden

Multi-Mode Control Panel: Choose from 3 easy planting modes with perfect lighting cycles based on plant growth stage. Self-regulating technology develops plants faster & healthier than in the outdoors. Circulation Pump Stimulates Healthy Growth: 3.5L Water Tank comes with a circulating water pump, which provides a fruitful environment for roots & stems and promotes water circulation. 7 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit: You can grow different vegetables at the same time, such as peppers, strawberries, dwarf red cherries, lettuce, spinach, etc. LED Grow Lights: High performance 24-watt LED plant light of homemade hydroponic system simulates the sunlight spectrum. The adjustable light rod allows you to extend lamp height up to 17.5inch to maximize coverage. We are the indoor herb garden kit hydroponics equipment supplier in China, provides wholesale hydroponic and horticultural gardening supplies to distributors all over the world for resale.


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