Vertical Gardening with Hydroponic Growing System at Home

Vertical gardening is not just for commercial growers. Urban gardeners are improving their homes, backyards and neighborhoods with hydroponic growing system

Vertical Gardening at Home

As a unique style of urban gardening, vertical gardening is very suitable for reusing any vertical space. Vertical gardening expands the range of plants you can grow in a limited space, or you may not have a traditional garden area to work with. Vertical garden ideas showcase the texture, color and vibrancy of plants in a whole new way. Gardens are going in unique directions, from converting old furniture into planters to using hydroponic growing system to create small, pollution-free and healthier garden spaces.

Harvesting crops from vertical herb garden is much more comfortable than traditional in-ground gardens. Because you can harvest your veggies while standing or sitting, rather than kneeling or squatting on the ground. Vertical gardening is very beneficial to many people who suffer from arthritis or are unable to bend over. Indoor hydroponic herb garden is a fun and creative way to achieve the freedom of growing and can increase your harvest by growing more in less space. They add beauty and visual interest. Plants do not depend on soil to grow but need water, they have more airflow to ward off fungal diseases.

Growers tending hydroponic growing system grow more plants in less spaceGrowing plants in a vertical herb garden allows you to be successful in smaller areas, such as the Auxgrow indoor hydroponic herb garden. Many different indoor plants work well in hydroponic growing system, and it’s perfect for growing leafy greens, herbs and fruits. There are many benefits to creating a vertical herb garden in your home.

Growing in non-traditional spacesVertical gardening allows you to use spaces that would otherwise be impossible to grow anything in, such as kitchens, basements, narrow balconies, and other spaces that are not suitable for long-term plant growth.


  • Add beauty and privacyHydroponic growing system can be used in exciting ways to create privacy, hide unattractive areas, or add garden rooms to your exterior spaces.
  • Low maintenanceVertical herb garden makes your garden easier to manage. Problems such as weeds, ground-nesting pests and soil-borne diseases are virtually eradicated.
  • Catches lightHydroponic growing system allows your plants to catch more light, or with plant grow lights, and grow better than in the ground.
  • Prevent diseaseIndoor hydroponic herb garden slows the spread of soil-borne fungi and disease, and vine plants are less likely to rot than when they are above ground.
  • Fresh airflowGrowing vertically allows for better air circulation to prevent mold, fungus and disease problems and keep pests away.
  • Greater HarvestVertically grown vine crops tend to produce greater yields than shrub or patio varieties. Hydroponic growing system provides more growing space than traditional garden plots.
  • Out of reachVertical structures bring your crops to eye level, making them easier to harvest and vegetables will hang down from their growing supports, making them easier to spot.

Hydroponic growing system is a great way for adults and children to enjoy gardening. It can also bring focus, peace and relaxation to your life through the growth itself and the results it will give you. Vertical gardening can help you appreciate the role of uncertainty and experimentation. It can teach you to be more patient, less judgmental, and more accepting of yourself and others.

Even people who live in apartments can have fun, easy-to-use gardening options that don’t require much space. All they need is the Auxgrow hydroponic growing system, which requires less time and effort than a traditional garden, so why not try a new activity to make your life more exciting?

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