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This 30W high-efficiency grow light bulb uses the latest 2835 SMD LED chips to provide warm white light of 6000K-6500K and up to 90lm/W luminous efficiency, with a luminous flux of up to 2700 Lumens.

Flexible Use. This plant growing light bulb is designed with three folding wings, each light wing can be folded and extended individually. It is convenient for growers to adjust the angle and range, making it wider and more uniform irradiation.

Easy to install. Connect this indoor grow light bulb to an E27 socket and it will work.

Easy to Store. The three wings of the LED grow lamp bulb can be folded for storage, making it smaller and easier to store.

Application. Suitable for small planting boxes, small grow tents, hydroponic planting, bonsai auxiliary light, seedling cultivation, etc.

SKU: YP03A03

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LED Plant Grow Light Bulb Specification

Product Name: YP03A03
Power: 30W ±5 %
Material: Aluminum + PVC
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w): 90
Lamp Base: E27
LED Type: 2835SMD LED
Light Color: Warm White (6000K-6500K)
IP-luokitus: IP65
Adjustable Angle :90°
Feature: Foldable Design
Working Time (hours): >50000
PPFDμmol/(m2·s): 150-250


Features of Foldable Three-Leaf Design

The three-wing folding design is a novel and unique design form that combines the benefits of high space utilization, flexible structure, simple operation, and good protection.

If you need a tiny indoor plant light bulb that can be used in a variety of scenarios, the Auxgrow light bulb YP03A03 is an excellent solution.

1. Extensive Use of Available Space.
Three light wings fold into a small size that is easy to store and transport. When using and then expanding the three light wings, space usage may be maximized, making it suitable for tiny planting spaces.

2. Flexible Structure.
Each light wing can be folded and unfolded separately, and the angle and direction of the light may be flexibly adjusted.
The LED grow light bulb can illuminate 360 degrees and can be adjusted to a very broad angle. It can also be focused in one direction, concentrating the light in a very small area.

3. Simple Operation.
The tri-fold design is very simple and convenient to lift without the need for complicated mechanical devices.

4. Good Protection.
With specific dustproof and anti-collision functions, three light wings folded can effectively protect the LED light source and circuit parts.

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The Spectrum of LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

The warm white light of the 6000K-6500K is a better and more user-friendly choice for plant light bulbs.

Plants require yellow light, red light, and a small quantity of blue light, which is provided by a light color temperature of 6000-6500K. Its spectral structure is more complete, and the moderate light environment promotes normal plant growth.

This spectrum is also more in line with the color temperature and color standard that the human eye prefers, making it a good experience to use.

Due to the warm color temperature, the quantity of blue light will be low; instead, yellow and red light will predominate. This spectral structure is more suited for plants that prefer red and warm light.

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Do Grow Light Bulbs Work?

Yes, it works well.

For small-scale home growing or ornamental plant cultivation, the light intensity and range of small grow light bulbs are enough.

As a supplementary light source, these LED folding grow light bulbs can provide a sufficient light supplement. Especially in poor lighting conditions, its supplemental light effect is still relatively obvious.

It’s just that the effectiveness and utility of this tri-fold light bulb are severely limited for high-light plants or professional plant cultivation with extensive planting. Because the plant bulb has a limited light range and a limited spectral range.

This foldable plant light responds to usersworries about such products through mechanism and process advances.

It uses an industrial-grade aluminum alloy to make the lampshade and lamp frame and the mechanism part fully ensures high durability.

The internal structure of the three light wings is compact and stable, and it will not loosen or tilt even after extended use. The stability issue has been completely resolved.

Its IP65 protection level allows the movable part to also achieve a very high waterproof and dustproof capability, with no loss of protection guaranteed during its service life.

The three-wing folding design of this foldable grow lamp bulb not only adds a sense of modernity but also enhances practicality substantially.

AUXGROW:n digitaalisen markkinointipäällikkönä Jayes yhdistää intohimon hydroponiikkajärjestelmiin ja asiantuntemuksen LED-kasvatusvaloista. Käytännön kokemuksella ja syvällä ymmärryksellä Jayes opastaa sinut kestävän viljelyn maailman läpi.


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