Commercial Fodder System

The hydroponic fodder system offers an innovative solution.
Trust in our systems, where we transform the seed’s potential into a bountiful reality.

Do You Have A Hydroponic Fodder System Plan?

With hay and grain prices consistently reaching new highs and unpredictable weather patterns wreaking havoc on pastures, are you searching for an innovative, efficient way to grow fodder?

Now, we’re introducing an exciting agricultural technology—Hydroponic Fodder Growing!

It’s suitable not only for livestock like cows and sheep but also serves as quality feed for aquaculture and poultry. Its rich nutritional value and pollution-free characteristics will help enhance the sustainable development of animal husbandry.

Auxgrow offers two types of fodder growing systems, perfect for greenhouse or container farming. Let’s explore this brand-new era of green feed together!

green fodder systems

How to Build A Fodder Growing System?

The construction model for the fodder plant factory can be determined based on your specific circumstances.

If your site is spacious enough, we can pursue the construction of a large-scale greenhouse.

However, if space is a concern, we can resort to using flexible containers which will still result in an impressive yield.

Whether big or small, we’ll find the right solution to fit your needs, ensuring a thriving future for your feed production!

commercial fodder system

Fodder Greenhouse System

By harnessing the power of the IOT technology, we achieve full automation of the planting process. You can anticipate an impressive 50% increase in plant growth speed and a 30% boost in yield.

Whether you’re a small-scale urban farmer or a large-scale commercial grower, our system is set to change your farming experience.

fodder growing systems

Container Fodder System

Our containerized fodder system offers automated cultivation, with temperature, humidity, light, sprinkling, carbon dioxide, sterilization, and disinfection all running autonomously.

With a multilayer vertical planting setup within a sturdy stainless-steel frame, you’ll benefit from optimal utilization of space.

fodder pro feed system

Shipping Container Farm

This is a fodder planting factory powered by photovoltaic energy, making it self-sufficient in terms of electricity consumption. It’s ideal for cultivation in all kinds of extreme climatic regions and boasts a very high yield.

You only need to open the door once a week to gather the mature fodder and sow new seeds simultaneously.

Commercial Fodder Systems for Sale

Hydroponic fodder, with its unique cultivation method, optimizes the growth environment of fodder to the maximum.

This technological innovation not only saves a significant amount of water but also combines automated management through the agricultural Internet of Things to achieve high efficiency and high yield.

Even more importantly, the commercial fodder system is not limited by season or climate, allowing cultivation at any time, in any location. Because of its soil-less cultivation, the fodder is also more hygienic, free from the concerns of soil pollution and pesticide residues.

microgreen fodder system

From seed soaking to planting, we utilize an entirely automated, large-scale production model that greatly enhances work efficiency. Once seeds are soaked in the designated area, they’re directly transported by conveyor belt to the planting area.

Each layer of our planting cabinet comes equipped with a wheel device, making the harvesting process more effortless and convenient. Farming has never been easier.

hydroponics fodder production system
how to build a fodder growing system

Our design features a single-side opening and a drainage channel at the bottom. This efficient drainage system ensures that throughout the cultivation process, neither the seeds nor the fodder will undergo decay.

The multi-layered vertical planting approach optimizes space usage, doubling the yield per unit area. It effectively tackles the problem of insufficient fodder for poultry and livestock—a problem that’s especially acute in winter.

livestock fodder system
hydroponics fodder system designs

Each layer is equipped with multiple sprinkler heads, ensuring automatic and even watering. This system guarantees that the fodder maintains a healthy state of growth by staying consistently moist. And you can maximize water conservation.

To ensure normal photosynthesis, each layer is equipped with two sets of plant supplementary lights to provide the necessary illumination for the fodder. The lights can be managed on a set schedule, realizing automated lighting control.

fodder production systems
fodder feeding system

We need innovative agricultural technology to meet the growing food demand. Hydroponic fodder cultivation is precisely such an innovation. It brings us a more efficient, sustainable form of green agri-tech that is environmentally friendly.

Hydroponic Fodder Project Design

As a professional farmer, you understand the importance of efficiency and sustainability.

The hydroponics fodder production system is just such an innovation, offering a more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly approach to agri-tech.

Our microgreen fodder system embodies these principles, providing an innovative solution to farming.

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Hydroponic Fodder Systems can be Customized to Your Specifications

fodder watering system

With our 40-foot container, you can leverage a planting area of 25-30 square meters and achieve an astounding yield of 7-8 tons!

food fodder farming system

Planted in 9 layers and divided into two rows;
The length of the planting area is 10m, width is 2.3m; height is 2.6m;
It can place 450 planting trays, each tray: 850*400*60mm;
Spray heads: 900 needed on both sides of the tray;
LED grow lights: 360 strips 900mm in length are required.

But we don’t stop there. We also integrate various sensors to collect data on temperature, humidity, and light intensity.

These feed into the system’s humidifiers, circulation fans, fresh air systems, and air conditioning units to create the optimal environment for fodder growth.

self contained fodder system

Each tray produces 15kg of forage and 2.3kg of seed is required for tray spreading.

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Contact us to find out how the Auxgrow fodder pro feed system revolutionizes your farming operations.

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