LED Grow Light

• Full spectrum led grow lights
• Quantum board led grow lights
• Commercial led grow lights
• LED grow lights for vegetables
• LED grow light strips
• T8 T5 led grow lights

Indoor Smart Garden

• Smart indoor garden kits
• Home hydroponic garden
• Home hydroponic system
• Hydroponic vegetable garden
• Indoor hydroponic garden
• Indoor garden with led grow light

Hydroponic Tower

• Hydroponic tower garden
• Aeroponic tower garden
• Indoor vegetable garden
• Home growing kit
• Vertical grow tower
• Vertical hydroponic system

Vertical Farming

• Container farming
• Indoor vertical farming
• Vertical farming at home
• Vertical urban farming
• Aeroponic vertical farming
• Hydroponic vertical farming


• PH meter
• Temperature & humidity meter
• Light intensity meter
• LED grow light timer
• Smart LED grow light controller
• LED driver replacement


Commercial LED grow lights enable greenhouse growers to optimize light for plant stages. Tailoring spectrum intensity and schedule maximizes growth and yield. Efficient, controllable and durable, LEDs cut costs and boost production.

Indoor Farming

Many hobbyists utilize LED grow light fixture, which emit optimal spectra, to cultivate plants at home. With full spectrum, higher intensity diodes and efficient heat sinks, you can produce prolific harvests in discreet indoor spaces using led plant light to stimulate photosynthesis.

Vertical Farming

Multilevel growing utilizing vertical space optimizes hydroponic production. Plants vertically stacked, under led grow light strips, maximizing yield. This innovative approach, reduces footprint enabling cultivation of more plants using less square footage.

480w Commercial LED Grow Light

• High quality LED diodes, PPE up to 2.9 umol/j
• Exclusive detachable design, snap lock, no screws, easy installation
• 60% reduction in transportation volume, saving you transportation costs
• Made of 6063 aluminum, with good heat dissipation
• IP65 waterproof grade, anti vulcanization, anti dust
• With RJ14 port, support 200 grow lights daisy chain
• UV and IR with independent control switches (option)

Adjustable Angel LED Grow Light Panel

• Unique wide angle design, higher PPFD in the center
• Full spectrum plant light with 2.7 umol/J PPE
• Ideal for 3.5×3.5ft bloom stage, 4x4ft veg stage
• Support daisy chain, dimable
• No Fan No Noise, UL-listed LED driver
• Samsung and Osram LEDs
• Smaller transportation volume, saving shipping costs

Active Cooling LED Grow Light

• Active cooling system, aviation aluminum heat sink
• 30% heat reduction, 40 longer lifespan
• Optimize the arrangement of diodes, more uniform PPFD
• Support daisy chain dimming for commercial growers
• IP65 waterproof, Anti-moisture and anti-vulcanization
• Available power: 120W, 240W, 480W
• Samsung and Osram LEDs, Full spectrum

DIY Assemble LED Grow Light Bar

• PPE 2.9umol/j
• PPF 435 umol/s each bar
• PPFD up to 900umol/s/m2 @90cm height
• DIY to multi bars use 150W*N
• Excellent heat dissipation, less than 45°C
• PC transparent cover protects LED diodes while being waterproof
• Applications for greenhouse and indoor

Hydroponic Gardening at Home

• Indoor vertical farming system
• Built in intelligent control system
• AC100-230V, 220W, 180 x 85 x 36 cm, 38kg
• Power consumption 3.5kwh/day, depending on the environment
• 80 plants can be planted at a time
• Annual vegetable production 120kg
• Applicable scenarios: household, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, school, etc

smart led grow light controller

IoT Smart LED Grow Light Controller

• Connect up to 200pcs grow lights by daisy chain
• Compatible with most brands of LED grow lights
• 2.4G & 5G Dual-band WiFi
• Support key control and mobile phone APP remote control
• Android & iOS App powered by Tuya
• Timed dimming, App dimming, simulated sunrise and sunset
• Built-in temperature sensor, humidity sensor and carbon dioxide sensor

Welcome to auxgrow

LED Grow Light Manufacturer

Auxgrow is a LED grow light hydroponic wholesale supplier that specialized in Horticultural Lighting & Hydroponic System for 13 years. As a hydroponics equipment supplier, we have a scientific, normative, and integrated management system, and have become a very powerful horticulture LED grow lights manufacturer in China. There are more than 100 employees and more than 3000 square meters of workshop. We are a dynamic and innovative manufacturer, which is engaging in research and development, production, and sales.

Auxgrow provides perfect OEM/ ODM/ OBM service to all customers, such as custom your spectrum, your appearance design, engraving logo, custom boxes packages, we can design a totally new led grow light according to your requirement.

custom grow light manufacturing

Sourcing LED Grow Light from China Factory

For Multi Brand Distributors

Wholesale, Brand Agency, OEM
Auxgrow is a rapidly growing LED Grow Light brand that has gradually gained popularity in horticulture and agriculture. Our product quality benchmarks include Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, Vivosun, and others. We welcome you to become our brand agent, we provide lower prices, lower MOQ, and more comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.

For Self-owned Brand Sellers

OEM, ODM, Customization
As experienced LED grow light manufacturers in China, we have worked with different businesses taking their ideas from conception to fulfilling their desired horticulture lighting solutions. We walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and realize your brand’s perfect horticulture & hydroponic products.

For Growers, Farmers

Wholesale, Tailored Spectrum, Customized Solutions
Auxgrow provides professional LED Grow Light, hydroponic planting systems, and vertical farms for numerous commercial planting farms worldwide. The successful delivery rate is 100%, and the product after-sales failure rate is less than 1%, saving equipment procurement costs and equipment maintenance costs for growers. The excellent product performance also enhances the planting income of planting.

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