150w LED Grow Light

What you need is the all-in-one VANTEN LED grow light (DP01A02D) for all stage plant to shorten growth cycles, improve color, shape and taste of your plants. Adjustable hanger to vary lamp height, meeting different lighting requirement from seeding, veg to flowering and fruiting. Protective glue on lamp surface around LEDs, makes the light waterproof while retains LED original high lighting emission. Aluminum hood reduces light disperse but increase heat dissipation, allowing your plants receive more energy without burning your plants. No fan, no noise. Movable driver either hang on hanger or put outside grow tent, easy way to reduce heat production.

رمز التخزين التعريفي: DP01A02D


VANTEN 150W cannabis grow light kits adopts Samsung & Osram full spectrum Diodes. Warm White Light 3000K for flower production, produce more and bigger flowers/fruits. Bluish Light 5000K for faster plant growth, vegetative stage. Red Light 660nm in conjunction with blue light for increasing more leaves and plant size. IR Light 760nm for stronger stem growth and boosting flower yields.


High & Uniform PPFD provide more light to get dense buds and heavier yields. Broad spectrum led grow light consumes 150 watt only, providing 435 μmol/m²s, more efficient lumens and grams per watt at for 3×3 grow tents. Made of good-structure and reliable-quality aluminum material, DP01A02D mars LED grow light will be the best grow lights for indoor plants.


150w LED Grow Light get FCC, CE, ROHS, UL certification. Our grow lights are coated evenly. Solid rubber coating protection on each chip can avoid moisture effectively and increase the life of the board. Suitable hydroponic grow light for all kinds of indoor using environment.


The quickly heat dispersing high reflectivity aluminum heat sink provides the passive heat dissipation, and saves the energy lost to aisles and walls, maximize light efficiency by ensure light covers whole plant canopy and grow space. Zero noise with no fans, waterproof LED board and protective covers for cables, specially designed for indoor planting, provides a healthy growth environment for your plants.


LED grow lights weed safe is a upgrade LED grow light with single light switch, dimmer, daisy chain for the driver. Just use 1 outlet can be daisy chained together and one-knob dimming by main light, and it can be daisy chain up to control 12 units multiple lights from 1 dimmer.


We offer every customer a satisfaction service. You can order it without any risks. If you meet any operation difficulties or quality issues, you can contact our professional technical team for help.


With movable LED driver, you can put the driver on the hanger. Separation of driver and light housing can help the heat sink fast. You can enjoy true no fan no noise indoor growth.

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Model DP01A02D
قوة 150W
Input Voltage 100V277V AC
Power Factor >0.98
LED Diode Samsung & Osram
Wavelength Full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, 740nm
سائق MeanWell LED driver
مقاس 458*290*79mm
IP Ranking IP65
Lifespan >50000 hours
Warranty 3 Years
خدمة OEM/ODM Customization

بصفته مديرًا للتسويق الرقمي في AUXGROW، يجمع Jayes بين شغف أنظمة الزراعة المائية والخبرة في مصابيح LED للنمو. من خلال الخبرة العملية والفهم العميق، يرشدك جايز عبر عالم الزراعة المستدامة.

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