Mars Hydro TS LED Grow Light

DP01A01D عبارة عن مصباح نمو LED تجاري منخفض استهلاك الطاقة وبأسعار في متناول الجميع، وإنتاجية بديهية، ووظيفة السلسلة الخافتة والزهرية المتاحة تضمن قابليتها للبيع. أبعاد التركيب 300*240*55 مللي متر، مناسبة لخيم النمو والغرف الصغيرة والخزائن والخزائن ورفوف النباتات. مصباح Mars Pro LED للنمو مع 240 قطعة من سامسونج & صمامات أوسرام LED الثنائية، القادرة على محاكاة الضوء الطبيعي بشكل أفضل وتوفير العناصر الغذائية الضرورية لنباتاتك. الثنائيات منخفضة السعرات الحرارية، لذا فإن أنظمة إضاءة شتلات القنب خالية من الضوضاء وبدون مروحة، وستجعل حياتك المتنامية سهلة وهادئة.

رمز التخزين التعريفي: DP01A01D

Mars Hydro TS LED Grow Light Product Intruduction

full spectrum led grow light 120v


SUNLIKE FULL SPECTRUM LED INDOOR GROWING: Infinite close to natural light, best for all plants all stages growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower and increase yield & crop quality‎.

HIGH REFLECTIVE & NOISE FREE-FANLESS LED GROW SYSTEM design will make your growing life easy and quiet, quickly heat dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning your plants for maximum headroom.

UPGRADED COMMERCIAL LED GROW LIGHT, easy dimming & daisy chain function, up to 12 multi-lights connected, convenient main light controlled, it provides various light intensity for different plant stages and meanwhile saves energy.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION GROW LIGHTING: With total light output PPF 290umol/S and leading PPE 2.9umol/j, it’s 50% more photon efficient and can promise a 30% more yield comparing to the old HPS/MH lights.

RELIABLE CERTIFICATIONS and WARRANTY: CE, ETL safety certifications approved, 50,000 hours longevity, 3-year warranty.

cannabis grow light vegetative

60w led full spectrum grow light

full spectrum led grow light for veg and flowering

Our 120v full spectrum Mars Hydro TS LED Grow Light is usually used for indoor cultivation facilities, inside gardens, vertical hydroponic farms, our lamp’s light ray is extremely close to the full-spectrum light from the Sun. Enjoy the cultivation and yield with our DP01A01D now!


We ordered our lights from Vanten. They gave us the best price, and the customer service representative that I spoke to was very helpful, friendly and eager to make sure that we were satisfied. The lights arrived when they said they would be there, and they arrived in perfect condition. We would not hesitate to order from Vanten again, and we will be recommending them to interested parties. Thank you so much for the great experience!Jennifer F. from USA

love the light the plant seems to love it too first time growing weed and I’m 20 days from when they came out of the dirt. Some gorilla glue #4 auto one got nitrogen toxicity but I’m working in it. thank Vanten for the awesome light and really good shipping even during this covid shit.Francis F. from Canada

The above is the real feedback from our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any problems. You deserve a perfect reply!


Model DP01A01D
قوة 100W
Input Voltage 100V277V AC
Power Factor >0.98
LED Diode Samsung & Osram
Wavelength Full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660nm & 760nm
سائق UL listed LED driver
Cable length 1.5 meters
Reflector Aluminum Reflector
مقاس 300*240*55mm
IP Ranking IP65
Emitting angle 90°to 120°
Lifespan >50000 hours
Warranty 3 Years
خدمة OEM/ODM Customization

بصفته مديرًا للتسويق الرقمي في AUXGROW، يجمع Jayes بين شغف أنظمة الزراعة المائية والخبرة في مصابيح LED للنمو. من خلال الخبرة العملية والفهم العميق، يرشدك جايز عبر عالم الزراعة المستدامة.

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