Kuinka käyttää kiinnitettäviä kasvuvaloja kasveille?

How to Use Clip On Grow Lights

Are you interested in indoor plant growing but unsure how to start?

Consider a simple and effective solution: an LED clip-on grow light.

This clamp-on LED grow light allows you to grow a variety of small plants indoors without requiring extensive knowledge or costly equipment. Its purpose is to make plant growing more accessible to beginners and home growers.

This clip-on plant light is easy to carry, occupies minimal space, and is easy to install. Its brightness and color temperature are adjustable, and it offers consistent lighting.

By reading this article, you’ll gain knowledge on the best scenarios for using an LED clamp grow light, learn how to select the appropriate clip light, and effortlessly master its application.

Additionally, we’ll delve into utilizing the compact and beneficial clip-on LED grow light, making indoor gardening an achievable reality.

Application for Clip-On Grow Lights

These clip-on grow lights come with adjustable light heads and different color temperatures that cater to various plant growth needs in different light environments.

They are ideal for both home and educational settings, as well as for professional growing applications.

Clip-On Grow Lights for Home Growers

If you’re looking to grow succulents like stonecrop, tiger tail orchid, Kawartha, parasitic mountain, and other high-light-demanding succulents, you’ll want to consider using red and blue light-type clip lights.

On the other hand, if you’re growing small-scale edible plants like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and others at home, small power plant lights should fully meet their light needs.

clamp on LED grow light fixture

Clip-On Grow Lights for Hydroponic Education

If you’re seeking a dependable light source to elevate your teaching and experimentation projects, the grow light clamp is the solution.

This versatile light is perfect for hydroponic labs and biology classrooms in schools, providing ample illumination for low-light plants during seed breeding and hydroponic planting.

What’s more, it emits zero harmful UV radiation and boasts soft light, adjustable power, and color temperature, granting it the flexibility to meet a variety of distinct experimental lighting needs.

Simply mount it on a custom light stand on your lab bench or clip it onto your hydroponic unit for easy adjustment of the irradiation angle.

clamp on LED grow light

Clamp-On Grow Lights for Ornamental Plants

LED plant lights can be versatile in their use, providing soft and natural fill light for small landscape settings and indoor artistic decorations.

They can also be a simple and effective light source for seedling cultivation and maintaining the initial growth of landscape plants.


Please keep in mind that LED plant clip lights are primarily designed for small-space planting and have a limited light range and intensity.

They may not be sufficient for plants with high light requirements or large sizes. For large-scale plantings such as in plant factories, vertical farming, and greenhouses, clip-on grow lights cannot replace the powerful light of LED grow lights.

However, for home growers and hobbyists, these compact and practical LED plant lights are an excellent option.

How to Choose Clip-On Grow Lights?

When choosing a clip-on grow light, do not have to be too obsessed with a wide variety of spectrum and complex parameters.

The main factors to consider are practicality, energy efficiency, and clever design.

When you combine it with hobby plants, it will also surely become an important part of creating an ideal indoor growing environment.


There are mainly two kinds of red and blue light and full spectrum. Red and blue light is suitable for succulent plants, and the full spectrum is suitable for most plants.

It is more appropriate to choose the appropriate spectrum according to the plant to be grown.

Color Temperature

Color temperature in 6500K or more, the closer to 6500K natural white light is more natural.

General about 3000K warm white light can be used for ornamental plants. Between 4000-5000K is also a more balanced choice.


The general household power is between 5-15W. According to the planting area choose the appropriate power. Each light can illuminate about 20-50cm range.

Too much power will also produce a certain amount of heat, you need to pay attention to prevent overheating.

Timing and Dimming

Clip-on grow lights with timer and brightness adjustment are more practical.

You can customize the light environment according to the plant growth cycle, especially suitable for seedlings and young plants.

Adjustable Gooseneck

The adjustable angle of the light head will give you more flexibility in your growing process. It allows you to change the angle at which the light shines so that it covers the planting area evenly.

Water Resistance

If the clamp on LED grow light fixture is used in a high-humidity environment, water-resistant features are a must considering preventing short circuits and damage.

Types of Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

For home use, it’s best to go for a small and simple wall-mounted lamp holder or a desktop style that’s easy to clip on.

It’s important to keep in mind your personal preferences and the needs of your plants, as there are a variety of clip-on grow lights available.

clip-on grow lights

Kuinka käyttää kiinnitettäviä kasvuvaloja kasveille?


There are some clip lights with simple ceiling or wall mounting, you need to loosen the suction cups or screws on the fixture and combine the suction cups or mounting plates with the ceiling or wall.

The Auxgrow LED clip-on grow light is directly clamped on, no other installation steps are required.

Height Adjustment

Once installed, it’s important to adjust the height of the light to ensure optimal plant growth.

Typically, a height of 20-40cm from the top of the plant is ideal to cover the foliage without overheating.

What Distance Should Clip-On LED Grow Light from Succulent?

When it comes to succulent plants, the height of the LED clamp grow light fixture is an essential factor to consider.

It is generally recommended to keep a distance of 20-40 cm between the LED plant clip light and the succulent plants.

If the distance is too far, the plant may not receive enough light, which can hinder its growth and photosynthesis. Conversely, if the distance is too close, the strong light may cause sunburn to the succulent plants.

A distance of 20-30 cm is more suitable for fast-growing succulents. It can provide more adequate light conditions and promote their growth. Such as stonecrop, tiger tail orchid, Chuanbeian, and other fast-growing succulents.

A distance of 30-40 cm is more suitable for slow-growing succulents. This range can provide good supplemental light while avoiding excessive light burns. Such as stone lily, hanging lily, parasitic mountain, and other slow-growing succulents.


Red and blue LED plant lights due to the color of rich, more intense light, the distance can be slightly increased, in the range of 30-50 cm will be safer.

The clip-on grow light full spectrum is relatively soft, 20-40 cm distance is still suitable for most succulent plants.

clamp on grow lights


When planting a small area, it’s best to clip the fixture directly above it.

However, for larger plantings, it’s recommended to install multiple fixtures at strategic locations to provide adequate lighting.

Keep in mind that the clip light has a range of 20-50cm each, so you should refer to this range when determining the appropriate number of lamps to use.

Timing Settings

You can personalize the amount of light your plants receive each day with the timer function. To determine the optimal opening time, consider the plant growth cycle and its light requirements.

Succulents typically need 12-16 hours of light, while other plants can thrive with 8-14 hours of light. It’s important to provide enough light for your plants to flourish.

Dimming Control

To ensure optimal growth for your plants, it’s important to adjust the brightness of the plant grow light clamp fixture based on their specific needs.

If your plants seem to be growing too quickly or overheating, adjust the brightness level downward.

On the other hand, if you notice that the light is not providing sufficient illumination, adjust the brightness level upward as needed.

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