Indoor Smart Garden

The future of home gardening is here – the all-new tabletop indoor hydroponic planter.
Home harvest: cultivate life, anytime, anywhere.

Grow Indoors,
No Matter the Season

Our indoor smart garden is a pioneering solution that blends technology with nature.

It is the perfect product to enrich your store’s assortment and delight your clientele.

Ideal for gardeners and growers of all levels of experience, urban dwellers with limited outdoor space, restaurants that want to grow their own fresh herbs and ingredients, and schools for educational purposes.

Here's How the Smart Garden System Works

Just 3 easy steps!

smart soils
home indoor hydroponic garden
hydroponic garden system indoor
indoor hydroponic vegetable garden

The hydroponic garden kit indoor is an all-in-one automated gardening system that simplifies the growing process.
Gardeners just simply add plant pods, water and plug in. The garden will do the rest.

Indoor Smart Garden for Sale

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, staying ahead means offering innovative, high-quality products that cater to the growing needs of customers.
We are here to offer you a varied range of products that bring revolutionary technology to gardening retail!

Smart Indoor Hydroponic System

Plant Pods: 7
Tank Capacity: 4L
Color: White / Black

Indoor Home Hydroponic Garden

Plant Pods: 12
Tank Capacity: 3.5L
Color: White / Black

Indoor Vegetable Garden Kit

Plant Pods: 7
Tank Capacity: 3.5L
Color: White / Black

Indoor Vegetable Garden System

Plant Pods: 6
Tank Capacity: 2.5L
Color: White / Black

Indoor Hydroponic Garden System

Plant Pods: 15
Tank Capacity: 7.5L
Color: Black

Hydroponic Planter Indoor

Plant Pods: 4
Tank Capacity: 2.5L
Color: White

Indoor Vegetable Growing Systems

Plant Pods: 6
Tank Capacity: 2.5L
Color: Black

Cater to the Needs of Your Customers

The indoor growing trend is soaring, especially amongst urban dwellers who seek to incorporate green living into their everyday lives. Our indoor hydroponic vegetable garden, with its compact, stylish design, fits seamlessly into any urban environment, facilitating year-round cultivation.

home vegetable growing systems
smart garden grow kit

Opens up New Customer Segments for Your Business

From urban customers living in apartments to restaurants seeking to grow their ingredients, and schools needing educational tools, our smart garden grow kit meets diverse consumer needs.

Add A Unique Offering to Your Store

The hydroponic garden system indoor aligns with sustainability and wellness trends. Offering this product will allow your store to stand at the forefront of these movements, attracting conscious customers who value their health, environment, and fresh home-grown produce.

hydroponic kitchen garden
hydro planter indoor grow kit

Enhance Your Store's Product Portfolio

The hydroponic smart garden offers an excellent profit margin potential, and high customer appeal, and creates an opportunity for follow-up sales of plant pods and nutrient packs. It guarantees to differentiate your store from the competition, offering a unique selling point that will draw in a wider customer base.

More Innovative for Indoor Growing

Although Auxgrow’s Indoor Smart Gardens are popular for home gardening, there are other hydroponic systems available for indoor enjoyment!

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