Hydroponics Solutions for Science Education Program

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In order to build an educational system that is conducive to the multiple development of students, many schools or educational organizations have come up with new ideas for hydroponic education.

We can see that farm-to-school programs are becoming more and more popular, and farm-to-table programs are becoming more and more abundant.

Using hydroponic cultivation not only provides students with fresh lettuce on a weekly basis but also teaches the younger generation how to grow it.

The indoor hydroponic farm can guide students to perceive nature, explore nature, experience planting, participate in labor, and feel the happiness of harvesting.

Auxgrow, as an all-in-one indoor vertical farm service provider in China, has developed a complete series of hydroponics solutions for the science education program by combining global teaching needs. Importantly, they also support special needs customization.

Then, read on to find out how Auxgrow can provide hydroponics solutions for hydroponic agriculture courses in schools.

farm to school programs

Why Do We Need A Hydroponics in the Classroom?

  1. Hydroponic agriculture system with the relevant STEM curriculum to increase the school experience of agronomy hydroponics education science curriculum.
  2. Labor experience teaching allows students to experience the labor process and strengthen their practical experience.
  3. Indoor hydroponic farming is good for expanding studentsknowledge and developing their abilities.
  4. Students try to manage indoor vertical hydroponic farming that provides fresh local vegetables, herbs, and tomatoes for the faculty, staff, and canteen.

Vertical Farms Have A Variety of Growing Methods

We can use the most suitable planting method according to the different growth habits of different crops so that we can get twice the result with half the effort.

NFT hydroponic system





NFT Hydroponic System

The hydroponic NFT system, which requires only a very thin layer of flowing liquid to cultivate, is suitable for growing leafy vegetables.

The system supplies water, fertilizer, and oxygen to the roots of the plants by pumping a nutrient solution that flows through the pipes.

aeroponic growing system





Aeroponic Growing System

An aeroponic hydroponic system is ideal for growing root crops.

It is a hydroponic method of supplying nutrients by atomizing nutrient solution into a water mist that is adsorbed on the plant foliage and roots.

hydroponic agriculture system





Nutrient Substrate Culture

Nutrient substrate culture is an efficient semi-hydroponic cultivation technique. By choosing the appropriate nutrient substrate and management methods, it is possible to achieve yields and quality comparable to those of hydroponics.

This system is particularly suitable for the production of fruit and vegetable crops.

IoT: Internet Connected with Things

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an intelligent network in which various objects are connected to the Internet through information sensors to exchange and communicate information with each other.

IoT uses various information sensors and networks to build a huge information platform.

In order to realize the connection and intercommunication between people, people and machines, and machines and machines, so as to achieve the purpose of optimal resource allocation and precise management and control.

hydroponics solutions

With the support of hydroponic agriculture IoT, the plant factory realizes the unmanned automated planting management mode.

The combination of hydroponics sustainable agriculture with technology and the Internet allows students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of agriculture.

It improves the tedium of traditional agricultural farming while also enhancing everyone’s interest in learning.

The precise control of the environment is achieved through the addition of various intelligent devices. And the goal is to match the optimal environment for plant growth as much as possible, thus achieving increased yields and improved quality.

Nutrient Solution Adjustment and Circulation Control System

Components: nutrient pool, detection sensor, circulation pump, filtration and disinfection device, solenoid valve, connecting pipeline, and related automatic control device.

Principle: The data of the nutrient pool is detected online in real time by sensors, and the control software determines whether adjustments are needed.

If adjustment is needed, the combination of the blending tank connected to the nutrient tank is controlled by a solenoid valve to achieve an automatic blending of nutrient concentration.

Hydroponic Project for School

hydroponic project for school

Shenzhen Mingde School, China

The overall design uses hidden equipment rooms and visualized production areas.

  1. Overall dimensions of the vertical hydroponic system: 6500*1900*500mm.
  2. Planting frame size 4300*2100*600mm, 6 layers of planting, each layer can plant 110 plants. It can produce 6.1 kg of vegetables in 21 days.
  3. Equipped with 100L circulating liquid tank, 1P chiller, oxygenator, automatic nutrient dispenser, power distribution cabinet
  4. Auxgrow’s operating system with 13.12man-machine interaction display. Users can control the equipment manually and automatically, set the timer, and monitor the operation status of the equipment.

hydroponics classroom activity


Hefei 55th Middle School, China

  1. The overall design is respectively: planting room, equipment room, and operating table.
  2. The planting room uses 20 Auxgrow Vertical Hydroponic Garden SG40T (850*360*1800mm) and 5 aquaponics planters, which can grow a total of 1,900 leafy vegetables.
  3. The automated hydroponic system project uses Auxgrow’s system management. The environmental system includes temperature, humidity, CO2, fresh air, lighting, etc., and the water quality includes EC, PH, water cooling, etc.
  4. Use of a fully automatic fertilizer management system, and 24-hour independent detection of water nutrient values.

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Sustainable agriculture is essential to feeding the world.

Agricultural knowledge is an important area closely related to our lives, and we should understand the importance of hydroponics in agriculture.

Learning about indoor hydroponic agriculture helps us to better understand the process of food production and its quality.

The vertical farm system allows students and educators to participate in the entire growing process from seed to salad. At the same time, experience the benefits of hyper-local, sustainable food production and learning through STEAM education.

Learning about agriculture develops studentspractical and hands-on skills. It also provides students with opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.

If you need help setting up a hydroponic education program or conducting a hydroponics classroom activity, please get in touch with Auxgrowa reliable hydroponic equipment supplier.

We are dedicated to working with you in order to promote healthier food options and STEAM education in schools and communities. Together, we can make a positive impact.

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