Mun LED Grow Lights hverfa húsgögn?

will LED grow lights fade furniture

In high latitudes or countries, the weather becomes cooler and cooler in September. Some gardeners plan to keep their plants indoors. In order for the plants to remain healthy indoors, they will set out to research grow lights.

After checking some information, did you see a lot about full-spectrum plant lights? Are you also worried that full-spectrum LED plant lights containing UV rays will damage leather furniture?

If you live in a cottage, a grow tent can solve this concern. But for gardeners in small apartments, there is no more room for a tent. They just want to put the plants and grow lights in the living room next to the couch.

LED grow lights can do wonders for your plants, but they can also do a number on your furniture.

We have also written about are LED grow lights harmful to humans and whether are LED grow lights safe for pets giving detailed answers to gardeners. It is also time to answer another difficult question for indoor growers.

Will grow lights fade furniture? It is possible for a plant grow light to discolor furniture, but this can only happen in one case: when the item is placed directly under a light fixture that produces high-intensity UV light. Usually, the likelihood of furniture fading is extremely low.

Come on, let’s further explore whether plant lights can fade furniture. We will also provide some tips to protect your furniture from light damage.

Possible Negative Effects of Grow Lights

Grow lights are designed to simulate natural sunlight and provide the necessary spectrum for plant growth. By the same token, a furniture item that is left in the sun or under a plant light for a long period of time, cannot escape fading.

Fading occurs because some grow lights emit ultraviolet light, which can damage the surface of furniture over time.

  1. Heat: Plush sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture may look like they’ve been left in the sun too long because the fabric absorbs light and heat. That’s why halogen and fluorescent lights are blacklisted for indoor furniture.
  2. UV radiation: Wooden furniture can also fade due to prolonged exposure to bright light, especially in dark wood. Paintings, photographs, and other artwork can also fade as a result.
  3. Blue light: Blue light also affects the actual color of the furniture, which looks colder. And your warm-toned wood may look like an ice castle.

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How to Avoid the Possible Negative Effects of Grow Lights on Furniture?

Plant grow lights emit a lot of light and heat, and we’ve learned about the irreversible damage it can cause to nearby furniture.

Here are some suggestions to avoid the negative effects of grow lights on furniture.

  • Choose the Right Plant Light: Say goodbye to fluorescent and halogen lamps, LED plant lights are the best choice that emits the least amount of heat and cover a wide area.
  • Keep A Safe Distance: Keeping your furniture at least 18 inches away from the light will help reduce the amount of light shining directly onto the surface of the furniture.
  • Use A Protective Cover: When using plant grow lights, consider covering your furniture with a protective cloth or cover. This helps prevent any damage or discoloration caused by the light.
  • Use A Plant Stand: A plant stand or shelf to elevate your plants off the ground and away from your furniture. This will also help improve air circulation and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Monitor the Temperature: Keep an eye on the temperature of the indoor environment and keep the room well-ventilated. Adjust the height or position of LED plant lights as needed to avoid overheating the space.
  • Control the Working Hours: You can’t leave your grow lights on 24 hours a day, which increases the risk of burning plants and the possibility of discoloration of furniture.

Final Thoughts

Will LED grow lights fade furniture? The answer is yes.

However, the intensity of LED grow lights is generally not strong enough to fade furniture. However, if the light intensity of the lamps is high enough and prolonged close exposure, it may cause fading.

If you want to use LED grow lights without damaging your belongings or home decoration, it is suggested that they be installed at least 18 inches from any surface.

By following these suggestions, you can enjoy the benefits of plant grow lights without damaging your furniture. Otherwise, you may end up with a faded, sad-looking living space.

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