It All Started

With A Bold Vision


At AUXGROW, we are experts in indoor soilless cultivation equipment. With our extensive experience in constructing plant factories, we offer a mature and reliable solution for indoor soilless cultivation.

The Beginnings of AUXGROW.

AUXGROW began with the idea of growing food in places previously thought to be unsuitable. Founders Henry and Richard shared a passion for research and agriculture. They had a clear vision for an innovative hydroponic system that would revolutionize the way businesses grow local produce and reduce the distance from farm to table.

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Customized vertical systems
Customized growing cabinets for tall crops.


Our goal was to make sustainable hydroponic agriculture accessible to all. We developed hydroponic equipment enabling people to grow their own food.

Customized vertical systems and tower gardens empower growers and businesses to maximize crop growth. AUXGROW will help you minimize resource usage, and reduce the carbon footprint.


Enhance Your Profit Margins with Affordable Pricing

We are committed to offering budget-friendly prices that not only help you maximize revenue but also ensure your investment delivers excellent value for your business.

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Constantly Innovating to Meet Evolving Market Demands

In a dynamic marketplace, we stand at the forefront of innovation. We continually evolve to align with changing market demands, ensuring your business remains competitive and ahead of the curve.

Customization, from One Piece to to Market Expansion

Whether you require a solitary customized unit or aspire to venture into larger markets, our adaptability ensures that we can meet your distinctive needs, enabling the growth and expansion of your enterprise.

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Elevate Your Brand's Impact with OEM and ODM Services

Our OEM and ODM services are designed to empower your brand. We collaborate with you to create customized solutions that strengthen your brand’s influence and presence in the market.

Our goal is to provide the Right Hydroponics System for you to help you create a sustainable business.


We always strive to develop new products that combine innovation with practicality, ensuring that you reap the rewards of the latest advances.


Every customer has unique customization requirements, and we take pride in our robust capabilities and extensive experience.


We are dedicated to keeping you informed with clear communication and engagement at every stage of the customization process.


Our products are certified with UL, FCC, and CE standards, ensuring reliability and compliance, and meeting the needs of our commercial clients.


We champion hydroponics education, aiming to enlighten people about this world and deepen their understanding of the future of agriculture.


Our dedication to delivering top-notch products ensures that there is no deception when it comes to the excellence and reliability of what we offer.

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