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Commercial Grow Light

CT 1930e LED Style
1000W HPS LED Replacement
Power: 800W, Equivalent to 1000W HPS
Input Voltage: AC100-277V, 277-480V Optional
Dimension/mm: 790*350*165
Net Weight: 15.8kg
Samsung and Osram LEDs

Grow Lights for Weed

High PPF Output and PPFD
Full Spectrum & High Efficiency
Can increase cannabis yiled
RJ Port for Commercial Growers
Add UV/infrared lamp strips (optional)
Disassembly, small transport volume, easy assembly

houseplant grow light

Adjustable Spectrum LED Grow Light

Uniquely Designed Spectrum for fast growing
Enhanced blue and red light
Adding UV light to grow
UV, Red, Blue are independently dimmed
Total power reaches 800W
Shorten the growth cycle of plants
China factory provide customization and OEM

LED hydroponic grow light

LED Grow Light Panel

Samsung LM301B diodes
High energy efficiency is up to 2.7μmol/J
Larger heat dissipation area
Upgraded heat sink with 30% more cooling effect
Waterproof up to IP65
100W, 200W, 480W are available
Used to grow cannabis in grow tents

indoor farming led lights

Foldable Grow Light Panel

190° Adjustable Light Panel
Adjusting the angle can effectively reduce glare
Offers a larger coverage of luminosity and higher PPFD
Multi-Light Dimming Daisy Chain
Saves up to 50% energy than the HPS
Perfect for Indoor Plants at all stages
No Fan Noise Free, High Efficient UL-certified power

DIY Intelligent Hydroponic System

Mini hydroponics vertical farming system
Easy to assemble and DIY
Tuya smart control
Automatic water circulation
Automatic temperature and light regulation
Smart Air-Cooling & Water-Cooling System
China factory provide customization and OEM


Company Brief

Auxgrow is a LED grow light hydroponic wholesale supplier that specialized in Horticultural Lighting & Hydroponic System for 12 years. As a hydroponics equipment supplier, we have a scientific, normative, and integrated management system, and have become a very powerful horticulture LED grow lights manufacturer in China. There are more than 100 employees and more than 3000 square meters of workshop. We are a dynamic and innovative manufacturer, which is engaging in research and development, production, and sales.

Factory Workshop

Auxgrow has established a complete production system from the forging, stamping, CNC processing, patch processing, finished product assembly, product testing, and other production processes of hardware raw materials. We have 4 production lines and advanced and professional LED lighting production equipment, such as automatic placement machines, reflow soldering machines, and professional testing equipment.

Product Application

For Retail and indoor projects: Hydroponics, medicinal crops, urban farming and small scale production.
For Large scale horticulture: Greenhouse production of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.

Our Service

Auxgrow provides perfect OEM/ ODM/ OBM service to all customers, such as custom your spectrum, your appearance design, engraving logo, custom boxes packages, we can design a totally new led grow light according to your requirement.

Reasons to work with Auxgrow

Lowest Price

All our LED grow lights and Hydroponic gardens are designed and manufactured by our own factories in Zhongshan/Shenzhen, China. We have a strong supply chain system that can obtain the lowest raw material prices. We guarantee the best possible prices for all of our customers around the world, with no compromise on the quality.

High Quality Guaranteed

We only choose the quality-approved and well-known brands as our raw material suppliers, this is the best way to secure the products quality with no default from the very beginning. LED chips come from top international manufacturers including Samsung, Osram, etc. LED drivers come from Mean Well, Inventronic, etc. All LED drivers are UL listed.

Fast Shipping Lower Freight

For small orders, we can ship within 7 days. For bulk orders, we have raw material stock always for quick response to initiate production, and deliver up to 3000 units within 20 days. We work closely with DHL and large shipping companies and can provide lower cost shipping services

5 Years Warranty

We provide 5 years full warranty for both commercial and home growers around the world, with free replacement and repairing service. No need to return the defective products. If you encounter any product technical problems or quality problems, you can contact us at any time.

Customization OEM ODM

With 12 years manufacturing experience in horticultural lighting and hydroponic products, we offer comprehensive OEM and ODM service to customers around the world. Our capability from R&D to pilot production and massive production of all types of horticultural lighting and hydroponic products has been proved by hundreds of customers with custom requirements.

ETL DLC CE Certificated

We offer most kinds of certificates for our LED grow lights and smart hydroponic gardens to meet the various requirements of different countries. Such as ETL, DLC, CE, etc. We are also able to support customer to get full certification for custom products of either OEM or ODM products. We are happy to assist our customers with some local certifications.

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