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Vertical Tower Gardens

AUXGROW Tower Gardening

This hydroponic growing tower features a water deflector and a water collection system. It's like an internal funnel that holds more water and delivers enough nutrients to each location. The water falls, and the plants absorb all of the nutrients that pass through. Even if no sprinklers are running, the feeding time can be extended. In the event of a prolonged power shortage, it is better to simply supply water to the top of the tower. The tower top is easy to remove and reinstall.

Vertical Planter Tower

AUXGROW Growing Tower

The working principle of this indoor hydroponic garden tower is that the nutrient solution will flow from the bottom water tank to the top under the action of the water pump. The nutrient solution is pumped to the highest point and then flows down to each planting hole by free fall movement. And the nutrient solution will run down layer by layer before returning to the water tank and continuing to cycle. The roots are kept moist without being soaked in water, keeping the roots in the air.

Take A View About the Commercial Hydroponic Farming

Our hydroponic gardening tower offers an innovative solution for high-density planting using the power of hydroponics.

If you’re looking for an affordable, space-efficient solution, our hydroponic tower gardens are the ideal system using a proven, sustainable technique.

Educators use hydroponics to provide students with a wealth of knowledge, growers profit economically from hydroponics, and home gardeners may grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vertical Tower Garden

DIY Hydroponic Tower Garden

DIY Hydroponic Tower Garden HT06

This hydroponic tower can also be used as an outdoor garden tower. It is suitable for use in backyards, indoor and outdoor gardens, greenhouses, commercial farms, etc.

The regular sizes of this hydroponic vertical tower are 6 layers (48pods), 8 layers (64pods), and 10 layers (80pods). For custom specifications, please contact Auxgrow to talk about custom projects.

The regular color of this hydroponic planter tower is white. For custom colors, please contact Auxgrow to discuss custom projects.

Auxgrow vertical grow tower saves 90% of water compared to traditional cultivation methods. Multiple hydroponic towers are connected with water pipes to achieve maximum planting capacity in the same area.

The greatest benefit of the parts being removable is that the packaging is smaller and shipping costs are less. It is very profitable for hydroponic farm operators.

The PVC material makes it durable, light weight and not easily damaged.

Hydroponic Tower Garden with Lights HT08

This hydro tower growing system is equipped with a full spectrum LED grow light to support maximum photosynthesis of indoor gardening plants. Perfect for indoor growers who only have a small space.

The hydroponic tower system has a perfect dislocation design. It gives the plants a wide space to grow, making full use of the space and maximizing the yield. It also satisfies the visual effect without crowding.

Two types of control to meet the needs of indoor gardeners or outdoor growers, mobile app control and mechanical timer control.

The bottom of the vertical hydroponic tower is equipped with universal wheels, which makes it easy to move without being hindered by space. It is convenient for growers to move to outdoor planting when the weather is fine and to indoor when the weather is bad.

It features detachable sections, which helps to cut down on transportation costs. It also allows for DIY, as the height can be extended.

Hydroponic tower with lights can be used to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits 365 days a year. It not only makes your life more enjoyable, but also healthier.

Vertical Planter Tower

Hydroponic Tower Garden with Lights

The water is recirculated in a closed system, which allows hydroponic grow towers to use up to 90% less water.

Vertical hydroponic tower produces 10-20 times more crops per square foot than land farming.

Hydroponic systems save land, equipment and labor, which translates into higher profit margins.

hydroponic gardening tower

Customization Support

Auxgrow, a hydroponic equipment supplier, is dedicated to providing innovative and stable quality hydroponic tower gardens. We are strong enough to support the development of your hydroponics business and support customization on demand.

Trends in Vertical Hydroponics

Low water consumption, substantial economic profits, and healthier food production are the benefits driving the growing popularity of commercial planting towers. Vertical tower gardening offers major economic opportunities for farmers and food producers.

hydroponic tower system
diy hydroponic tower

Education Support

Educators are fond of using hydroponics to carry out school garden programs. Hydroponics education is available for all grade levels. It teaches plant biology and growth, provides opportunities for experimentation, and effectively connects students to their food.

Sustainable Development

The advantages of hydroponic tower gardens for indoor and outdoor use are higher yields, less waste, year-round production, lower costs, and stable market prices. They provide an efficient system for maximizing food production in a sustainable way.

vertical hydroponics tower

Case Studies

Hydroponic grow towers emphasize maximizing space, reaching new heights, expanding possibilities, and customization.

Hydroponic Greenhouses

Hydroponic Home Gardening

Commercial Hydroponic Farming

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