How To Hang Indoor Grow Lights?

how to hang LED grow lights for indoor plants

Regardless of the size of your indoor growing space, the number of plants, or the specific strain you’ll be growing, indoor grow lights are always a key component of the entire growth.

Whether you use fluorescent lights, HID lights, or LEDs finding the right location and hanging your plant lights will not only simplify the growing process, but your plants will appreciate the fact that you can provide them with effective light.

Read on for effective guidelines for how to hang grow lights in tents, greenhouses, and ceilings.

Tools For Hanging Grow Lights

You will need some tools to do the job of hanging the plant lights.

Rope Ratchet for grow light

Rope Ratchet

The Rope Ratchet Kit is the perfect accessory rope to be able to hang and secure items quickly. Can be used on support beams or poles.

Hooks or Anchors

These hanging chains with hooks can be used to hang planters, plant baskets, and indoor grow lights. It is ideal for small and light grow lights.

Yo-Yo Hangers

Yo-Yo Hangers

Similar to the rope ratchet, the yo-yo hanger will provide two support points for your light, with two hooks supporting each side.

Creative Ways to Hang Grow Lights

The type and size of the LED grow light determines how it is hung. Find hanging plant lights in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your plant setup to perfection.

Glowing Harmony

Achieve a harmonious balance between your plant’s needs and your decor preferences with these hanging light styles.

hanging bar style grow lights
How to hang the LED grow light tubes

Grow with Style

Elevate your plant-growing game with stylish hanging lights that make nurturing your green friends a joy.

Small Space Wonders

Transform even the tiniest nooks into thriving plant sanctuaries with space-saving hanging light solutions.

hanging small grow lights

Versatile Grow Light Bulbs

Opt for compact hanging light designs that maximize your plant space without compromising on style.

Clip-On Convenience

Embrace the ease of clip-on plant lights, the perfect solution for attaching lighting without complicated setups.

How To Hang Grow Lights In Tent?

For home growing, a grow tent or closet is undoubtedly the best choice. For plants to grow healthily in this completely enclosed/semi-enclosed environment, an indoor grow light system must be used to assist the plants in each stage.

You can use the following simple, helpful tips for hanging indoor grow lights for plants today to make the process of hanging lights easy.

Step 1: Finding The Right Place For Grow Lights

  • Light Coverage: You should place lights centrally directly above the plants to ensure that an even light coverage is created in the tent. If the light is not evenly distributed, plants in bright hot spots will grow taller and shade out surrounding plants.
  • Accessibility: Choose a location where you can easily adjust the height of the light and be close to the plants for maintenance.
  • Safety: Avoid placing indoor plant growing lights close to the tent walls, as they can generate a lot of heat, which can lead to fire hazards.
  • Electrical Access: Make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby or use a longer extension cord if necessary.

Step 2: Installing Hooks or Anchors

  • Choose the Correct Hooks or Anchors: You will need to purchase hooks or anchors specifically designed for grow tents and based on the weight of the lights you are using.
  • Measure and Mark the Location: Measure the distance between the hooks and pegs to make sure they are evenly distributed and mark their location on the ceiling of the tent.
  • Drill Pilot Holes: If screws or bolts are used, drill pilot holes at the marked locations to make it easier to install the hooks or anchors.
  • Installation: Secure the hooks in place with screws or bolts, and make sure they are securely fastened to the ceiling of the tent.
  • Test: Test the hooks for stability by hanging weights. 

Step 3: Attach The Chain Or Rope

  • Find a strong, durable chain or rope that can support the weight of the indoor plant grow light you are using.
  • Attach the chain or rope to a hook or beam, then tie them back to the same rope and secure it to the grow light fixture.
  • Then gently pull on the rope to see if it is strong enough to support the weight of the fixture.
how to hang a grow light
  • It is also important to note that the chain or rope needs to be long enough so that you can adjust the height at will.

Step 4: Hanging Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

  • First, hang the main frame of the fixture. Use the climbing clips to clip the ends of the strings to the fixture and adjust the height.
how to hang led grow lights
  • When the main frame is in place and looks stable, slowly open the perimeter of the fixture and clip them on one after the other using the climbing clips.

Step 5: Adjust The Height Of The Lights

Now that you have hung the light, you can adjust the height of it accordingly. You will need to adjust the distance between the fixture and the plant depending on the state of your plant.

Rope ratchet hangers make this process very easy. If you are using other hanging tools, you may need to be more creative in adjusting the height.

The position of your grow lights will determine the following factors.

  • Overall light intensity 
  • How much light is lost from the walls
  • The degree of penetration
  • The level of overlapping light
  • Light uniformity
  1. Type: Different types of indoor grow lights for plants have different recommended distances from the plants. Incandescent bulbs and LEDs also have different distance requirements.
  2. Plant Size: As the plant life cycle changes, you may need to adjust the height of the light. In general, it is recommended to place the light 12-24 inches above the top of the plant.
  3. Spectrum: Different spectra are used for different stages of plant growth. Make sure the height of the lights is appropriate for the stage of growth your plants are in.

Step 6: Powering The Indoor Grow Lights For Plants

You need to determine the maximum number of fixtures allowed to be connected in the circuit, and then connect all your fixtures.

Step 7: Fix The Wire

Have a safe indoor growing environment in order to carry out your planting work. Make sure the cords are secure and there is no risk of tripping hazards or damage to the plants. You can use electric cable ties or wire anchors to keep wires neat and away from obstructions.


Wrap Up

The journey to successfully hang plant lights in your indoor garden begins with a profound understanding of your plant’s unique needs.

Just as every plant is different, so are their lighting requirements. It’s crucial to take the time to choose the right light and familiarize yourself with the specific lighting needs of your green companions.

That is, you can’t grow lettuce with a bar-style plant light that grows marijuana; you can’t grow marijuana with a plant-friendly light bulb.

When it comes to the actual hanging process, selecting the right hanging tools and materials is key.

Depending on your setup, you may choose hooks, adjustable hangers, chains, or other suspension systems. Ensure that these tools are sturdy and capable of supporting the weight of your plant lights.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can create an environment where your plants flourish, thrive, and bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors. Happy gardening!

As a Digital Marketing Manager at AUXGROW, Jayes combines a passion for hydroponic systems and expertise in LED grow lights. With hands-on experience and a deep understanding, Jayes guides you through the world of sustainable cultivation.

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