Hydroponic Gardening System

Elevate plant cultivation with 16 grow holes per layer and customizable planting levels.

Enjoy full-spectrum plant light with three lamps per layer, optimized for growth stages.

Mastery of cultivation is at your fingertips with remote precision. Seamlessly adjust light intensity, timing, and water pump with the intuitive remote.

Auxgrow SG55 will elevate indoor gardening into an elegant experience with a modern touch. It integrates seamlessly into your home decor, enhancing your living space.

Attention Hydroponic Equipment Distributors: Unlock new opportunities for growth by partnering with us. Elevate your offerings with our cutting-edge system that combines innovation, and aesthetic appeal and offers your customers the pinnacle of hydroponic excellence.


Available in Three Colors

Experience the fun of having an indoor garden where plants and colors are in perfect harmony.

home hydroponic gardening systems


Green is an invigorating hue that symbolizes nature’s liveliness, infusing your environment with positivity and vitality.

home hydroponic gardening system

Light Brown

The light brown shade exudes a sense of rustic sophistication and brings a peaceful ambiance to your environment.

home hydroponics gardening systems


The timeless appeal of white brings an air of sophistication, perfectly complementing modern interiors.


Layered Circulation

Remote Control

Layered Control

Independent Cultivation

Full Spectrum Light

Hydroponic & Soil

Which Garden is Best for You?

Compare Hydroponic Home Kits

Auxgrow SG55 3 layer
Auxgrow SG55 4 layer
hydroponics gardening system
Layer3 Layers4 Layers
Size102 x 65 x 34 cm130 x 65 x34 cm
Working Temperature10-35℃10-35℃
Storage Temperatures-10~60℃-10~60℃
Input Voltage100V-240V100V-240V
Output Voltage24V24V
Output Current6A8A
Weight (incl. packaging)16kg19kg
Auxgrow SG55 details-1

Water Circulation + Button

A new standard for layered water circulation and environmental harmony. The heart of this innovation lies in the mechanical button switch at the bottom of the body. With a simple press, the water circulation system springs to life.

Expertly Bolted

Each layer of our hydroponic system SG55 is expertly bolted, with high-quality bolts meticulously embedded in every layer. This advanced engineering marvel enhances the structural stability of the entire system.

Auxgrow SG55 details-3

Visual Water Gauge

This innovative feature presents a water level line that allows growers to effortlessly monitor the water level within the system. No more guesswork or constant checks.

Set It Up Anywhere

Enhance not only your plants but also the ambiance of your home. 

As a Digital Marketing Manager at AUXGROW, Jayes combines a passion for hydroponic systems and expertise in LED grow lights. With hands-on experience and a deep understanding, Jayes guides you through the world of sustainable cultivation.


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