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Indoor Farming LED Lights

Adjustable Light Panel: Benefited from the new structural design, Auxgrow VG23 can adjust light panels’ angles to become a spotlight or floodlight. When the Angle between the two panels is 60 degrees, the efficiency of the central area will be increased by more than 25%.

Low Energy Consumption: This LED hemp grow light consumes only 200W true output with 720LEDs, including blue light 5000K, warm white light 3000K, red light 660nm and IR 730nm. Auxgrow 200w LED grow light with a PPE of 2.5umol/J saves up to 50% energy compared to HPS or other SMD LED lights.

Lower Running Costs & Higher-Quality Yields: Our indoor farming LED lights utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology. The PPFD value in the central area can reach 1600, delivering powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to result in maximum higher yields.

UL Listed Driver & Customized Dimming Design: UL-certified power supply ensures the plant light have a safer and longer lifespan of it. Our indoor farming LED lights have a dimming knob and light switch. One light can freely adjust the light intensity, or multiple lights can be connected for uniform dimming.

LED Grow Light Manufacturer: LED GROW LIGHTS For over a decade, Auxgrow has been committed to providing commercially viable LED grow lights for indoor gardening growers. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.


led panel for growing plants

Auxgrow VG23 provides indoor plants with full-spectrum sunlight replacement. It is ideal for all growth stages with warm white light 3000k, blue light 5000k, red light 660nm and IR 760nm. Moreover, benefiting from the adjustable light panel design, the efficiency of the central area will be increased by more than 25%. It is a perfect option for indoor plant growing.

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190° Adjustable Light Panel

The unique wide-angle design of the indoor farming LED lights provide greater light coverage and higher PPFD. Adjusting the angle of the light panel at will, it can become a spotlight or a floodlight, your indoor plants can get light from different directions. The new structure is designed to effectively promote plant germination and flowering.

Multi-Light Dimming Daisy Chain

Auxgrow indoor farming LED lights have a dimming knob and light switch. A single light can be adjusted the light intensity at liberty. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming is especially beneficial for large areas of indoor growing and commercial planting.

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Perfect for Indoor Plants at All Stages

Excellent full spectrum speeds up flowering time and increases yields. Turn your seeds into your own supply. And the light from the LED hemp grow light looks quite natural, facilitating accurate monitoring of plant health.

IP65 Waterproof

Solid glue process on each chip can avoid moisture effectively and resist dust, preventing the diode from being oxidized by air. No need to worry about the humid planting environment damaging the LED plant grow light.

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