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LED Hydroponic Grow Light

High Efficiency: This LED hydroponic grow light is used with Samsung LM301B diodes, high energy efficiency is up to 2.7μmol/J, light output PPF is 1296μmol/s, but it only consumes 480w.

Strengthen & Upgrade: 480w LED grow light is equipped with an advanced cooling system and more effective waterproofing. Upgraded heat sinks with 30% more cooling effect and it is waterproof up to IP65.

Dimmable+ RJ Port: Daisy chain dimming for commercial growers to control grow lights by the group. Dimmable with an on/off switch function, you can dim the power range from 0% to 100%. Daisy chain connects up to 30 horticulture grow lights and controls them together.

Full Spectrum Lighting: LED hydroponic grow light consists of 3000K warm white light, 5000K white light, 660nm deep red light, and 730nm infrared light. Infinitely close to sunlight, best for all plants at all stages of growth.

Customer Care: Auxgrow is an all-in-one hydroponic lighting supplier. Products quality and professional customer service are always our top priorities. For any questions, please feel free to e-mail us.


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LED hydroponic grow light is an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly source of light specially designed for indoor plants. Full spectrum grow light is a perfect choice for the grower who wish to have healthy plants without over exposing them to light. With 5000k lm301b led plant lamps, this 480w LED grow light will provide you with the equivalent of using watt HPS/MH at a reasonable height. Energy saving and high performance is what we are all about here at Auxgrow!

  • Designed for greenhouse and indoor plant growing.
  • It uses Samsung LM301B full spectrum chips, which can be used for growing indoor plants and vegetables.
  • This is very good manufacturing of high-quality LED hydroponic grow light which is used for growing seedlings and transplanting.

Excellent Spectrum

The spectrum of LED hydroponic grow light infinite close to natural sun light adopts Samsung LM301b diodes, high energy efficiency with 2.7μmol/J, generates more usable lighting per watt and provides better light canopy penetration.

Dimmable + RJ Port

Daisy chain dimming for commercial growers to control the LED hydroponic grow light by group. Dimmable with on/off switch function, you can dim power range from 0% to 100%. Daisy chain connect up to 30 horticulture grow lights and control them together.

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IP65 Waterproof

Waterproof LED board is safer for indoor growing. Our horticulture grow lights are coated evenly. Solid glue process on each chip can avoid moisture effectively and resist dust, prevents the diode from being oxidized by air.

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