T8 LED Grow Light Tubes

Auxgrow T8 LED grow light is a friendly lighting product for indoor plant cultivation.

The professional light source for plant growth. 192 LEDs, average photon flux 55±5% umol/s, luminous efficacy 2.0μmol/J. The spectral coverage is wide, and the ratio of red to blue is suitable for each fertility cycle of plants.

Quality assurance. This grow light T8 uses an Epistar LED chip. The light of the LED is stable without flickering and suitable for plant growth.

Easy to install. You can easily hang these grow tube lights with the included zipper ties or use the clips to secure them to the ceiling.

Perfect for indoor growing This vertical grow light tube is ideal for small grow tents, plant grow shelves, seedling cultivation, succulents, hydroponic rooms, greenhouses, flower shows and container gardening, etc.

Multiple sizes available: 0.6m (9W), 1.2m (18W), 1.5m (24W), and 2.4m (36W) to meet the needs of users of different areas of planting.

SKU: TB08C24

t8 LED grow light











T8 LED Grow Light Tubes Specification

Model: TB08C24
Power: 36W
Length: 2.4m
Input Voltage: AC 176-265V
LED Chips: Epistar
Spectrum: Full Spectrum
Total Number of: LED’s 192 PCS
PPF: 55±5% umol/s
PPFD: 210 umol/m²/s @15cm
Efficacy: 2.0 umol/J
IP Rating: IP20
Body Colar: Silver
Power Factor: >0.9
Work Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Working Humidity: 99% RH,Max
Certifications: FCC,CE,RoHS
Other Options: 9W(0.6m), 18W(1.2m), 24W(1.5m)

t8 grow light tubes









Features of T8 LED Grow Light Tubes
Auxgrow T8 lights for growing plants provide a full spectrum, proper light, suitable temperature, and an electrically safe growing environment to efficiently promote plant growth.

This is its most important advantage as a plant growth light.

● The T8 grow light fixture can be connected together with seamless connectors or connector cables through an expandable design for up to 6 lights. It is suitable for gardeners who like DIY.

● This light tube from Auxgrow has two rows of high-quality full-spectrum LED strips. It provides higher light intensity PAR and PFD values compared to traditional grow lights. The full spectrum LED grow light tube is perfect for succulent plant growth and seed starting.

● The one-piece T8 tube grow light (i.e. the lamp and holder are integrated) is easy to install and suitable for newly established grow rooms or grow racks, saving the cost of the holder.

● Split T8 grow lights LED (i.e., need another configuration bracket), suitable for replacing lamps in the original fixture location. The lamp body and light source can be replaced separately, easy to replace.

● Compared with the same luminous flux of high-pressure sodium or HID lamps, T8 LED plant grow light can save 40-60% energy. The absence of mercury or other harmful heavy metals makes it more environmentally friendly, which also makes it more suitable for long-time use indoors where space is limited.

● The T8 lights for growing weed use low-voltage DC power and are designed to be safe and efficient. No electromagnetic radiation, no harm to plants, providing a safe electrical environment.

Tips for Using T8 Grow Light Tubes
1. T8 tube grow light TB08C24 has an IP20 rating and is only dustproof and not waterproof. Please use it indoors.
2. We recommend that each lighting scene be used only for the same plant or plants with similar growth habits. Only in this way, the full effect of the LED tube grow lights can be used.

As a Digital Marketing Manager at AUXGROW, Jayes combines a passion for hydroponic systems and expertise in LED grow lights. With hands-on experience and a deep understanding, Jayes guides you through the world of sustainable cultivation.


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