Vertical Hydroponic System

The Vertical Hydroponic System SG43 boasts four meticulously designed planting layers, With four layers featuring a total of 72 planting holes each, and an additional layer for seedlings with 85 planting holes, the possibilities are endless.

Let it grace your customers’ homes as an emblem of modern green living, gift it thoughtfully to spread the joy of nurturing, amplify your hydroponics education initiatives, or infuse commercial spaces like offices, supermarkets, and restaurants with refreshing vitality.

Watch as it captures hearts, ignites conversations, and transforms spaces.

Navigate effortlessly through this gardening marvel with its user-friendly touch screen. At your fingertips, control and optimize critical elements such as water levels, nutrient distribution, and light cycles.

Choose our SG43, and let the transformation begin. Your garden, your way.



Touch Screen

LED Lighting System

Enjoy the Fresh Veggie

Knowledge Sharing

Year-Round Planting

Energy Saving

Product Parameters- SG43

Learn More About the Hydroponic System

Tank Capacity40L
MaterialPP, PET
Storey Height20cm
Machine Power220W
LED Power72W
Top Four Layers for Planting72 plant pots
Bottom Layer for Seedling85 plant pots

How to Boost Your Business?

grow vegetables at home

Redefining Gift Giving

Imagine presenting not just a product, but a growing experience. Our Hydroponic Grower pioneers a novel approach to gift giving. This unique gesture fosters a connection with nature, wellness, and sustainability, creating a lasting memory that transcends traditional presents.

hydroponic vertical garden planter

Fusion of Nature and Home

Your retail space reflects more than just products; it’s an embodiment of style. The Hydroponic Grower seamlessly merges nature with interior design, bringing a touch of greenery that complements any setting. Customers can envision the same elegance within their own spaces.

vertical hydroponic vegetable garden

Beyond Conventional Learning

Hydroponic Education offers a spectrum of learning opportunities that cater to diverse skill levels. Hydroponic mastery is not limited to the classroom. Your hydroponics education program can be extended to hydroponics equipment stores and professionals to enrich their expertise and product knowledge.

minifarm hydroponic indoor vertical garden

Dining and Supermarket Displays

Collaborate with restaurants to create live displays of herbs and greens, enhancing the dining experience. Supermarkets can showcase fresh produce, engaging customers on a visual and sensory level. Elevate the concept of “farm to table” of your business.

vertical hydroponic vegetable gardens

Blossoming Home Gardening

Empower your patrons to embark on a journey of home gardening with our Hydroponic Grower. This isn’t just about plants; it’s a gateway to self-sustainability. Provide your customers with a platform to nurture their own fresh produce, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

vertical hydroponic garden kits

Greening the City

Transforming urban spaces into verdant havens through strategic partnerships. Collaborate with us to establish hydroponic installations and beautify public spaces. These partnerships extend beyond products – they embody a shared commitment to a more vibrant future.

Details About the Vertical Hydroponic System

vertical garden SG43 led lighting

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Our vertical Hydroponic system SG43 features a full spectrum plant light that caters to every stage of plant development, ensuring vibrant growth from seedling to harvest.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, our Hydroponic Grower embraces sustainability while nurturing your plants, creating a harmonious ecosystem for both cultivation and the planet.

vertical garden SG43 material
vertical garden SG43 toch screen

Smart Control System

With an intelligent control system, effortlessly manages lighting schedules, nutrient delivery, and environmental conditions, empowering you to cultivate with precision and ease.

Endless Variety, Abundant Harvest

Our Hydroponic Grower’s versatile design accommodates multiple plants simultaneously. Top four layers for planting, 72pcs plant pots. Bottom layer for seedlings, 85pcs plant pots.

vertical garden SG43 plant pods

As a Digital Marketing Manager at AUXGROW, Jayes combines a passion for hydroponic systems and expertise in LED grow lights. With hands-on experience and a deep understanding, Jayes guides you through the world of sustainable cultivation.


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