Vertical Farming System

Auxgrow vertical farming system is suitable for both large scale indoor farming and small-scale home farming.

Commercial Vertical Farming

commercial indoor growing systems

A plant factory is a modern high-tech facility in agriculture integrating industrial manufacturing, information technology, photoelectric technology, and biotechnology.

Auxgrow vertical growing systems combine advanced automated agricultural production technology with modern growth regulation technologies, high-value-added photobiological cultivation and extraction technologies.

For commercial farming, our commercial vertical hydroponic systems allow you to maximize yield and optimize your space by growing up instead of out.

● Verticle farming is suitable for growing research experiments.
● The Auxgrow vertical hydroponic system is suitable for developing plant factories of various sizes.
● Suitable for small-scale growing needs such as restaurants and communities.
● Ideal for school gardens, hydroponic education, and commercial or supermarket display configurations.

Vertical Farming At Home

We focuses on R&D, production, and project cooperation for vertical farming solutions as vertical farming equipment manufacturers.

Our vertical farming units are an easy and compact option for home growers to begin sustainable vertical farming at home. Keeping a vertical farm at home is a relaxing and rewarding activity.

Stackable hydroponic systems are suitable for school garden projects. Enhancing students’ learning, developing useful skills, problem-solving opportunities, increasing responsibility, and multidisciplinary applications.

Grow up with Auxgrow and discover how vertical farming can enrich your life and our planet. It is not only a vegetable grower, and hydroponic education tool, but also can be used as your indoor vertical hydroponic wall.

Personal Vertical Farming

hydroponic garden vertical

Hydroponic Garden Vertical SG40

The closed case is an enhanced version with water cooling and air cooling. The open case is room temperature without water cooling and air cooling.

With an autonomous 24H light circulation (16H on, 8H off) mechanism, LED grow lights deliver the full spectrum of light to meet plant growth.

This is the experiential version of smart vertical farming. The application allows you to operate everything in the vertical hydroponics kit remotely, and the data can be viewed on the LED display.

This four-level home vertical farm features 20 planting pods on each level. It can supply a week’s worth of vegetables to indoor farmers.

If you want to invest in vertical farming, our hydroponic garden vertical SG40 may significantly reduce the cost of learning the plant factory.

The aluminum alloy frame is elegant in appearance, beautiful in color and easy to match with indoor homes. The aluminum shell has good corrosion resistance, convenient cleaning and improved user experience.

Hydroponics Vertical Garden SG43

Full spectrum LED grow light of the vertical grow system simulates the best natural light for all stages of plant growth.

Our vertical indoor growing system is equipped with advanced technology that allows you to adjust the lighting pattern and water circulation interval to your specific setting, resulting in the optimal setting for your plants to thrive.

72 plant pots in the top four layers for growing; 85 plant pots in the bottom layer for seedlings.

Use the Auxgrow vertical growing system to engage more students in agriculture, FCS, and scientific projects, or integrate STEM-related subjects into your curriculum.

Durable in use, stable quality, waterproof & moisture-proof and easy to clean.

This vertical plant growing system only occupies 1 square meter, 3 times faster yield, 40% more yield, 95% water-saving, year-round grown.

Vertical Home Farming

hydroponics vertical garden

Vertical agriculture farming allows cultivating in limited urban areas. Vertical farms can produce up to 100 times more than traditional farms per square foot.

80% of vertical farms grow year-round, providing locally grown food in any season. This reduces dependence on long-distance food transportation.

Approximately 70% of vertical farms use the indoor vertical hydroponic system. Hydroponics is considered to be more sustainable and allows for higher densities.

commercial hydroponic systems

Customization Support

Auxgrow is dedicated to supporting urban farming startups, vertical farm construction and large scale hydroponic systems. We offer customized support. The growing systems in vertical farms need to be tailored to the space and crops.

Vertical Agriculture Farming

Kale, spinach, lettuce, microgreens, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, peppers, and herbs are the most popular hydroponically cultivated crops. This list will grow as hydroponic technology and practices advance.

commercial vertical hydroponic systems
vertical indoor growing system

Hydroponic School Project

School garden programs are no longer limited to traditional soil gardening. An increasing number of educators are using the vertical indoor hydroponic garden to teach. Hydroponics grants more knowledge and classes are held year-round.

Indoor Home Farming

Having a hydroponic vertical planter at home is a relaxing activity. It provides learning opportunities for children, enhances family relationships, and reduces your dependence on the grocery store while harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables with your own hands.

vertical hydroponics kit

Case Studies

Grow into the future. The themes of verticality, height, ascent and moving into the future run through vertical farming.

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

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