Smart LED Grow Light for Cannabis Cultivation

Smart LED grow light has energy-saving and environmental protection, high luminous efficiency, long life, fast response, environmental safety, and other attributes advantages.

In the field of plant cultivation, the use of waterproof LED grow lights to regulate light quality, light level, photoperiod and other key factors in the process of crop cultivation can affect the crop in several ways. It affects the growth and development process, plant morphology construction and nutrient accumulation of crops, and promotes the improvement of the morphological index and nutritional quality.


Smart LED grow light overseas market ushered in an explosive period, China’s smart LED grow light export market showed rapid growth. First, due to the legalization of cannabis cultivation in North America, the cannabis cultivation market is growing rapidly. Second, due to the gradual impact of the epidemic on the food supply chain, the European vegetable, melon and fruit indoor plant factory investment and construction is heating up again. Especially hemp, because it has a very high added value, the economic benefits are very significant. Industrial hemp, medical hemp for the benefit of mankind, has a wide range of applications.

smart LED grow light

Exploring the Design of Smart LED Grow Light

With the characteristics of supplemental greenhouse lighting’s high efficiency, energy saving and controllable spectrum, the lighting system for hemp planting at present tends to be in the form of waterproof LED grow lights or supplemental greenhouse lighting. It allows for high quality and high yield of hemp. The design of smart LED grow light focuses on lighting level, spectrum, structure, control and energy efficiency.

Light Levels

Optimizing light is critical to the economics of indoor cannabis cultivation. The light environment needs are different during the seedling, nutritional growth and reproductive stages of cannabis. Smart LED grow light should be dimmable with top light recommended. In order to achieve higher cannabinoid yields, the canopy should achieve higher photon flux density (PPFD) levels during the growth period. However, differences in different seed plant species should be noted. In addition, good PPFD uniformity should be achieved at the irradiated surface.

Smart LED Grow Light Spectrum

The optimal combination of spectra should be sought to accelerate the growth and enhance the quality, provided that a certain PPFD level is reached. Through the analysis for the smart LED grow light, it is recommended to use the scheme of white light + red light + far-red light in the wavelength range of 380 to 780 nm. White light is used in the full spectrum, in which the proportion of red light in the spectrum is high. Then further supplemented with red light, so that the red light component in the whole spectrum reaches a higher proportion, and finally supplemented with a certain amount of a small proportion of far-red light.

This option may result in a relatively high level of cannabinoid accumulation and yield. UV radiation may have less effect on the accumulation of cannabinoids in the inflorescence, and considering the light efficiency and economic cost, it is not recommended to add UV light.


Smart LED grow light should be based on the characteristics of the plant factory cultivation space, the structural design and the optical design of the lighting system. The space occupation, light surface size and light uniformity of the irradiated surface of the supplemental greenhouse lighting can be regulated by folding, contraction, rotation and modularization (i.e., to achieve the adjustable spatial shape, adjustable luminous angle and adjustable light intensity of the lighting system), so as to maximize the efficiency of space utilization and achieve the optimal light level. At the same time reduce the size of the package and save transportation costs.

At the same time, due to the humid environment of plant factories, the waterproof LED grow lights should have a certain degree of moisture resistance, water resistance and corrosion resistance, which can be achieved by sealing structure design or by applying new coating materials.


Smart LED grow light should have a communication control function, which can be connected to the whole control system of the plant factory, and realize the adjustment of light intensity, adjustment of the spectrum, adjustment of light cycle, etc. in the operating system through wired communication or wireless communication technology.

Energy Efficiency

Cannabis cultivation plants in electrical energy consumption accounted for a large proportion of the overall cost. Supplemental greenhouse lighting’s power is high, and should further improve the efficiency to reduce the cost of electrical energy consumption. Smart LED grow light, you can improve the efficiency of the radiation by improving the efficiency of the driving power supply, improving the luminous efficiency of the light source.

It is worth noting that cannabis cultivation plants, need to be controlled under constant temperature and humidity environmental conditions. Plant factories can consider the thermal power of the waterproof LED grow lights when designing the cooling and heating and ventilation system to further control the cost of electricity.


The application of smart LED grow light in the field of plant lighting has made rapid progress, but the effect of smart LED grow light on cannabinoid accumulation in cannabis cultivation needs further in-depth research.

As a Digital Marketing Manager at AUXGROW, Jayes combines a passion for hydroponic systems and expertise in LED grow lights. With hands-on experience and a deep understanding, Jayes guides you through the world of sustainable cultivation.

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