hydroponics growing

hydroponics growing

Professional LED Grow

Compact Foldable Design: Auxgrow professional LED grow light is composed of 3 parts of uniform size, each of which can be folded 180°. This design helps us to shipping and packaging more easily, and save costs. Small Body with High Power: The size of hydroponic grow light LED FC05E08D is 1110*1060*60mmmm, allowing you to mount the light in low rooms, on vertical racks etc. It provides superior delivered PAR output and PPFD and its efficiency is up to 2160μmol/s. Full Spectrum: Our greenhouse LED grow lights adopt SMD3030 LEDs, provides 3000K warm light color, 5000K daylight color, and 660nm deep red color, which can make the light more uniform. It truly simulates the sunlight and perfectly meet the entire growth cycle of all plants from seed to harvest. Flexible Dimming: There is a dimmer knob built right into the hydroponic grow light LED, featured to manipulate the light brightness and

Home Hydroponic Garden

12 Pods Home Hydroponic Garden: You can grow different vegetables at the same time, such as peppers, strawberries, dwarf red cherries, lettuce, spinach, etc. Veg & "Flower & Fruit" Modes: We have designed smart modes with different red and blue spectrum and time for growing vegetables, fruit and flower. Smart LED Grow Lights: High performance 36-watt LED plant light of indoor planting system simulates the sunlight spectrum, promoting the plants photosynthesis in any weather. Quiet Hydroponic Growing System: This home hydroponic garden is designed with a timing circulating water pump. Press the pump to go into a cycle of 30 mins on/30 mins off with pollution-free organic fertilizer super low noise. Visual Water Level Gauge: Using the principle of fishing floats to monitor the water volume in the 3.5L water tank in real time.

LED Flowering Lights

Perfect for Indoor Plants: LED flowering lights TX01A08R can be used for full-cycle growing from seed to harvest. It is a great option for keeping your favorite mother plants available for cloning anytime you need them. High-Quality Component & High Efficiency: LED flowering lights are equipped with market leader Samsung diodes & Osram deep red diodes, TX01A08R draws 800 watts, powered by Inventronics LED driver, it delivers PPF Efficacy up to 2.9μmol/J and an average PPFD 2240μmol/s @12" in 5'x5' coverage. Easy Installation & Daisy Chain Dimmable: This vegetable grow light is an assembly splicing design and hanging installation, especially beneficial both for home growers and commercial growers, suitable for grow tents, indoor warehouses, vertical racks, hydroponic and soil growth. Maximum Yield Full Spectrum: Proven high-yield full spectrum (3000K warm white, 5000K white, deep red 660nm) with higher red diodes ratio. The hydroponic plant light is good for veg bloom

LED Plant Growing

Energy Efficiency: This LED plant growing light is used with Samsung LM301B diodes, high energy efficiency is up to 2.9μmol/J, light output PPF is 1247μmol/s, but it only consumes 430w. Good Heat Dissipation: Our waterproof LED grow lights are equipped with a 4mm thick solid heat sink with space between the heat sink and the LED driver for better heat dissipation. IP65 Waterproof: Auxgrow LED plant growing light is coated evenly. Solid glue process on each chip can avoid moisture effectively and resist dust, prevents the diode from being oxidized by air. Flexible Dimming Function: This dimmable grow light has a dimmer knob to change the brightness level of the whole light from 1-10V needed to obtain perfect growth performance. Reliable Service: Auxgrow is an all-in-one LED grow light manufacturer with 12 years of experience. With powerful and solid technology, we can provide you with excellent and reliable service!

Hydroponic Gardening System

Elevate plant cultivation with 16 grow holes per layer and customizable planting levels. Enjoy full-spectrum plant light with three lamps per layer, optimized for growth stages. Mastery of cultivation is at your fingertips with remote precision. Seamlessly adjust light intensity, timing, and water pump with the intuitive remote. Auxgrow SG55 will elevate indoor gardening into an elegant experience with a modern touch. It integrates seamlessly into your home decor, enhancing your living space. Attention Hydroponic Equipment Distributors: Unlock new opportunities for growth by partnering with us. Elevate your offerings with our cutting-edge system that combines innovation, and aesthetic appeal and offers your customers the pinnacle of hydroponic excellence.

Grow Light Kit

This 100W quantum board fixture with the full spectrum is specialized for indoor cannabis growing, with (380nm-800nm, 3000K, 5000K) Blue, White, Red (660-665nm) and IR (IR 760nm), provide plants desired every spectrum in the natural. We are led grow light factory in china, we provide OEM and customization for you.

Seedling LED Grow

Full Spectrum Grow Light: Ideal for all growth stages, including 3000K and 5000K white spectrum, 660nm red and 730nm far-red light, infinitely close to natural light. It uses the Samsung and Osram diodes to provide a true high-efficiency rating of PPF 2.9μmol/J. High Reflection & Efficient Heat Dissipation: 100w LED grow light's highly reflective design and fast heat dissipating aluminum reduces light loss in channels and walls and increases light intensity by 20 %. The thickened aluminum heat sink ensures efficient heat dissipation. Flexible Dimmer 0%-100%: Seedling LED grow light comes with a dimming knob and a single on-off switch. The dimming knob changes the brightness level of the whole light from 0 to 100% to adjust precisely the amount of every growth phase lighting range, and mixed 3000K, 6000K, 660nm Red, and IR 760nm, creating a light blend matching the natural sunlight. IP65 Waterproof: Our small indoor plant lights

Indoor Herb Garden

Multi-Mode Control Panel: Choose from 3 easy planting modes with perfect lighting cycles based on plant growth stage. Self-regulating technology develops plants faster & healthier than in the outdoors. Circulation Pump Stimulates Healthy Growth: 3.5L Water Tank comes with a circulating water pump, which provides a fruitful environment for roots & stems and promotes water circulation. 7 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit: You can grow different vegetables at the same time, such as peppers, strawberries, dwarf red cherries, lettuce, spinach, etc. LED Grow Lights: High performance 24-watt LED plant light of homemade hydroponic system simulates the sunlight spectrum. The adjustable light rod allows you to extend lamp height up to 17.5inch to maximize coverage. We are the indoor herb garden kit hydroponics equipment supplier in China, provides wholesale hydroponic and horticultural gardening supplies to distributors all over the world for resale.

LED Seedling Grow

Waterproof Design: Well made considerate design, Auxgrow LED dimmable grow lights are coated, IP65 waterproof, anti-moisture and anti-vulcanization. Its wet rating provides complete protection from dust, oil and water. Excellent Heat Dissipation Performance: This mini LED grow light uses mass best 6063 aluminum material or lamp body for best heat dissipation and touching. Keep the average temperature of the lamp body around 45℃ after a long time of working, the most important is excellent heat dissipation can promise a long lifespan. High PPF Output and PPFD: LED seedling grow light is equipped with market leader Samsung 301H diodes & Osram deep red diodes. It draws 320 watts, powered by SOSEN LED driver, and delivers PPF Efficacy up to 2.7μmol/J and an average PPFD of 864μmol/s. RJ Port for Commercial Growers: Dimmable with an on/off switch function, you can dimmer power range from 0% to 100%. LED seedling grow light is

LED Plant Grow

High Efficiency: LED plant grow light with high energy efficiency is up to 2.9μmol/J, only consumes 600W, light output PAR/PPFD value is 1740μmol/s. It will save more than 60% energy. SAMSUNG LM301 LED: The higher light intensity, less lumen depreciation, better lumens, and higher PAR values than ordinary LED chips. The Samsung LM301B is the highest light output and full-cycle LED for greenhouse lighting system at present. Real Full Spectrum: This LED plant grow light is tailored for indoor plant growth with a true full spectrum of sunlight, (380nm-800nm, 3000K, 5000K) blue, white, red (660-665nm) and infrared (IR 760nm), providing every spectrum of natural sunlight. Good Heat Dissipation: Our LED lights for indoor plants are equipped with a 4mm thick solid heat sink with space between the heat sink and the LED driver for better heat dissipation. Customer Care: Auxgrow is an all-in-one LED plant grow light supplier. Products quality

150w LED Grow

What you need is the all-in-one VANTEN LED grow light (DP01A02D) for all stage plant to shorten growth cycles, improve color, shape and taste of your plants. Adjustable hanger to vary lamp height, meeting different lighting requirement from seeding, veg to flowering and fruiting. Protective glue on lamp surface around LEDs, makes the light waterproof while retains LED original high lighting emission. Aluminum hood reduces light disperse but increase heat dissipation, allowing your plants receive more energy without burning your plants. No fan, no noise. Movable driver either hang on hanger or put outside grow tent, easy way to reduce heat production.

Industrial Grow Lights

Daisy Chain & Dimmable Feature: Indoor LED grow lights are the upgrade led grow lights with a single light switch, dimmer, and daisy chain for the driver. Just use 1 outlet that can be daisy-chained together and one-knob dimming by the main light, and it can be daisy chained up to control 12 units of multiple lights from 1 dimmer. High Efficiency & Low Energy Consumption: Industrial grow lights utilize the latest in high-yielding SMD LEDs technology with an energy efficiency of up to 2.9μmol/J and a scientific reflector design, more than 90% of the light energy is absorbed by plants. High Reflectivity & Silent Fanless Design: The fast dissipating, highly reflective aluminum radiator provides passive heat dissipation and saves lost energy in aisles and walls, ensuring that lightly covers the entire plant canopy and growing space. The waterproof LED panels and protective cover for cables are designed specifically for

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