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Vertical Hydroponic System

The Vertical Hydroponic System SG43 boasts four meticulously designed planting layers, With four layers featuring a total of 72 planting holes each, and an additional layer for seedlings with 85 planting holes, the possibilities are endless. Let it grace your customers' homes as an emblem of modern green living, gift it thoughtfully to spread the joy of nurturing, amplify your hydroponics education initiatives, or infuse commercial spaces like offices, supermarkets, and restaurants with refreshing vitality. Watch as it captures hearts, ignites conversations, and transforms spaces. Navigate effortlessly through this gardening marvel with its user-friendly touch screen. At your fingertips, control and optimize critical elements such as water levels, nutrient distribution, and light cycles. Choose our SG43, and let the transformation begin. Your garden, your way.

LED Adjustable Spectrum

Flexible Dimming of UV LED grow light: LED adjustable spectrum grow light is equipped with a special switch for spectral adjustment. Left button for red and blue light switching; right button for UV light ON/OFF. Uniquely Designed Spectrum: UV grow lights for plants come with a unique spectrum that can be used throughout the plant's life cycle. Auxgrow FC06-2 enhances the spectrum of each stage. It is designed with UV, enhanced blue and red light. UV and red & blue light are independently adjustable. Amazing Uniformity: The light intensity stays the same from edge to edge under the grow light. A wide optical system creates a different light pattern than ordinary full-spectrum plant lights and improves performance by providing uniform light coverage from left to right. Excellent Heat Dissipation: Equipped with a thickened aluminum heat sink to ensure efficient heat dissipation, it is specially designed for indoor growing to provide

LED Hydroponic Grow

High Efficiency: This LED hydroponic grow light is used with Samsung LM301B diodes, high energy efficiency is up to 2.7μmol/J, light output PPF is 1296μmol/s, but it only consumes 480w. Strengthen & Upgrade: 480w LED grow light is equipped with an advanced cooling system and more effective waterproofing. Upgraded heat sinks with 30% more cooling effect and it is waterproof up to IP65. Dimmable+ RJ Port: Daisy chain dimming for commercial growers to control grow lights by the group. Dimmable with an on/off switch function, you can dim the power range from 0% to 100%. Daisy chain connects up to 30 horticulture grow lights and controls them together. Full Spectrum Lighting: LED hydroponic grow light consists of 3000K warm white light, 5000K white light, 660nm deep red light, and 730nm infrared light. Infinitely close to sunlight, best for all plants at all stages of growth. Customer Care: Auxgrow is an

Vertical Hydroponic Garden

The market for indoor gardening solutions is booming, with consumers seeking sustainable ways to bring nature indoors. Our Vertical Hydroponic Garden SG40 series is available in two ways to suit growers with different needs: enclosed and open. Perfect for home gardening, hydroponic education, grocery stores, markets, restaurants, and cafés. It can also be custom-sized for container growing and plant factories. From customization to experimentation, from aesthetics to sustainability – the SG40 series encompasses it all. This vertical growing system provides a good development space for the combination of plant factories and cities. If you are a beginner in plant factories, you can experience it with our SG40T, which can greatly reduce the cost of learning plant factories.

LED Grow Light

Excellent Heat Dissipation: This LED grow light bulb is made of high-quality aluminum with a finned heat dissipation structure. It is conducive to improving the efficiency of heat dissipation and increasing the service life of the lamp. Aluminum Shell: With an integrated design, the lampshade of this LED grow light bulb has a large heat dissipation area, and the light transmittance can reach over 91.5%, fully releasing photosynthetic light quantum. A wide range of irradiation can promote photosynthesis and prevent plants from overgrowth. Specific Spectrum: LED plant light bulbs are spectrally scientifically proportioned for plant characteristics, with three light color beads to replace sunlight and promote photosynthesis. It allows growers to grow indoors all year round without the influence of the outside world. LED Grow Light Wholesale: As a LED greenhouse lighting supplier with 12 years of experience in the LED plant lighting industry, we are strong and support OEM

Aeroponic Tower Garden

Experience streamlined success with our Hydroponic Garden HT06. Available in various sizes and customizable color options, this tower is designed to maximize yield while fitting seamlessly into indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you choose Aeroponics or NFT planting mode, you're ensuring optimal nutrient delivery for accelerated growth and robust plants. This tower garden hydroponic system allows you to increase crop yields with multi-tier options that increase production in a limited space to meet commercial-scale needs. Elevate your yields, expand your cultivation capacities, and provide an exceptional solution to your clients.

Smart LED Grow

Ensure the growth conditions of your plants remain optimal 24/7 with the use of grow light controllers. The Auxgrow AGC01 is an advanced smart controller for LED grow lights that can elevate your gardening expertise to a commercial level. By using a grow light controller, growers can efficiently manage their plant grow light. Growers can easily adjust the lighting parameters by using the four timers located on top of the grow light controller box. However, they also create multiple brightness scenes through the mobile APP to accommodate different growing conditions. The smart grow lighting controller has an impressive capability to connect up to 200 grow lights through its RJ port, making it the perfect option for industrial and cash crop growing. The Auxgrow LED grow light controller AGC01 boasts an impressive level of compatibility, as it can work seamlessly with 90% of the LED grow light brands currently available in

Foldable LED Grow

Samsung and Osram LEDs: With over 54,000 Hours Lifespan, the industry-leading Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LED's will keep your plants blooming crop after crop. Our foldable LED grow light is equipped the full color spectrum 3000K 5000K 660nm, they are ideal for all growth stages. Excellent Heat Dissipation: 640w LED grow light using the best quality 6063 aluminum material for the light body, the best heat dissipation and touch. Each light weighs 1KG, which is 30% heavier than others. Inventronics LED Driver: The driver for the LED cannabis grow light is Inventronics, rated for 120-277V input voltage, it is more suitable for commercial applications. In addition, we can extend the power cable between the driver and the light. External Control:Foldable LED grow light is compatible with our controllers. It is equipped with an external RJ14 Cable and allows you to install up to 200 fixtures per controller port by

Vertical Farm System

Many customers are interested in vertical farms, but do not know how to build a vertical farm, how much it will cost, or how to operate and maintain it. We are a professional vertical farm company that can provide you with turnkey projects.

Indoor Farming LED

Adjustable Light Panel: Benefited from the new structural design, Auxgrow VG23 can adjust light panels' angles to become a spotlight or floodlight. When the Angle between the two panels is 60 degrees, the efficiency of the central area will be increased by more than 25%. Low Energy Consumption: This LED hemp grow light consumes only 200W true output with 720LEDs, including blue light 5000K, warm white light 3000K, red light 660nm and IR 730nm. Auxgrow 200w LED grow light with a PPE of 2.5umol/J saves up to 50% energy compared to HPS or other SMD LED lights. Lower Running Costs & Higher-Quality Yields: Our indoor farming LED lights utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology. The PPFD value in the central area can reach 1600, delivering powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to result in maximum higher yields. UL Listed Driver & Customized Dimming Design: UL-certified power supply

DIY Hydroponic System

Three Types of Controls: APP remote control version; Mechanical timing control version; Outdoor intelligent timing control board. Hydroponic Tower Garden with Lights: Constant current drive design without flicker, lifespan>50000 hours. Dislocation Design: 14 Layers,3 Plant Pots per Layer Total 42 Plant Pots. Water Level Gauge: Easy to observe the water level and add nutrient solution and water according to the level of water. Convenient Movement: This DIY hydroponic system is equipped with universal wheel, easy to move, not hindered by space.

Clip On Grow

Clip on grow lights are a must-have for indoor gardening enthusiasts. They offer many possibilities for home growers to explore and are an incredibly popular tool in the world of indoor gardening. For those looking to give their indoor plants some extra tender loving care, this LED clip grow light is the perfect solution. It's specifically designed to provide the necessary light for flowers, herbs, vegetables, succulents, foliage, and seedlings on a daily basis. Featuring a flexible gooseneck, timer function, and strong fixture support, this light is the ideal way to help your plants grow healthy and vibrant. LED grow lights clip on is typically small and portable, allowing you to easily relocate them to the desired location. This is particularly helpful if you have limited space for indoor gardening or if you need to move your plants to maximize their exposure to light. It is user-friendly and provides adjustable

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